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What are you doing?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrmuffinman, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. Hey fellow blades, what are you up to right now?

    Im stoned in bed watching tv, good way to fall asleep.

    So hows your day going/ what are you up to?
  2. Im sitting in the living room, debating packing another bowl before I crash out. Think another bowl is in order?
  3. I'm downloading bootleg movies, and wishing I had some weed.:(
  4. Ripping my bong while wearing some toasty pjs with some cinnamon toast crunch while watching some cartoons
  5. Dude I tried Hersheys Cookie n Cream cereal damn good
  6. Got myself a packed bowl in my SSV, browsing /p/ and the city. Probably will end up playing something in my Steam library soon though. 
  7. Laying in bed watching nip/tuck. Pretty excited for breaking bad tomorrow night.

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  8. Cinnamon toast crunch = Best cereal ever.

  9. Finishing rolling up a few blunts to take with me to my buddy's garage.
    Gotta diagnose/replace the crank sensor in his girl's car.
    Twenty minute job.. three blunts..
    ..don't think I'll make it! :eek:
  10. I'm reading this thread.
  11. hungover as fuck. eating some food. bout to get sooooooo high.
  12. I'm about to go pick up some of my favorite medicine to cure this hangover.
  13. I'm making my first post. 

  14. Sitting on break at work. Hot ass day. Ready to get off work and go hit the gb before cutting grass

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  15. At work, daydreaming of a bong rip.
  16. Black ops and bong rips

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  17. Just about to head out to my garage for a sesh, gonna be watching some american dad while im out there. (To the guy who mentioned being excited about breaking bad new episode, I would tread lightly if I were you)
  18. Trying to decide when to smoke my last bowl, sober atm it sucks
  19. Stuffing my face with fruit and peanut butter crackers because I'm diabetic and my blood sugar dropped. Somehow found my way to GC in the process, I'll be up all night now. 

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