What are you doing..

Discussion in 'General' started by MilkyLumpkinz, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. right now at this very moment? :smoking:

    as of now..I'm hearing my aunt an her cousin talk about meat an imagining its weed
    I'm also hiding away in the family room...since I was forced to give up my bed to guests
    soo Im having alone time in my baby cousins tent..
  2. replying to this thread and then im about to go smoke another dab, dab up brother [​IMG]
  3. Listen to pandora comedy station getting ready to sleep.
  4. Watching some old ninja movie. Damn wish I was stoned
  5. smoking bumpin music playin games
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    considering the amount of work its going to take to go get some water and make a sammy and wonderin if anythings left it my bowl i cant quite see it and generally being high then i have beeen in a while tho im gettin pretty sleepy it is about my bed time but if i can find somthing entertaining to watch im trying to push the time i get tired back to 12 because like fuck im still young and i should be stay up late atlest on the weekend it's rediculus that im thinking of bad at 11 on a saturday also the rip i broke last year that never really healed right then got broken again and didnt heal is acting up and hurting me a bit i guess i am also replying to this thread and i think i might wanna turn on my black light & I love my kitty cat! <#
  7. Music and video games, the usual.
  8. vaporizing OG Kush and browsing GC
  9. Sitting in church.
  10. Study break

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