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What are You Doing to Celebrate 4/20?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by UziStuNNa, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. That oh so special time of the year is coming closer, and I'm curious what all of you guys will be doing on 4/20.

    Last 4/20, I went to this frat house where they had a massive green tent set up with 14 chairs inside, and we were passing around 6 pieces at the same time. What a great night...

    This year, I hope to save up some money to buy an O and smoke it all. :smoking:
  2. Nothing planned so far but..Thinking about getting 2 oz's of mids and making edibles while smoking all day with some people. 4/20 is on a monday, lets hope i'm off work.
  3. Same thing we do every day - smoke all day.
  4. Boulder, and see all my buds that go to CU.
  5. Going to Amsterdam to toke up! Meeting up with a foregin exchange kid that i graduated with back here in the states.

    Should be great!!
  6. Getting a couple cuts of headies when I get home from school then meeting some friends to light up.

    Then we're gonna go to see Winds of Plague (everyone's gonna be so trashed, it'll be hilarious).

    Then coming back here with them and blazing again.
  7. Haha, nice! Seeing a metal show on 4/20, sounds like it'd be a hell of a time.

    I plan on rolling myself up a 1.5g blunt and heading over to my buddies house to smoke up with all my homies!
  8. Me and 3 other friends are putting in money for 2oz's of mids, skipping school and chilling in my room.

    Gonna have a 2v2 on who can finish their teams O first, gonna be crazy.
  9. #9 DragonJediMik, Mar 23, 2009
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    I am seeing Widespread Panic three night in a row april 17-19. The 20th, I am waking up smoking with my roommate and my other friends that are going the concert. Going to go play some disc golf, rent a movie, buy pizza. Smoke some namesakes and get my roommates mom super stoned! I gave my manager notice 2 months ago that I was taking those four days off. He was like "damn you need 4 days off to celebrate 4/20". My manager is awesome!

    Keep Smokin', Mik :bongin:

    EDIT: Oh, and Cannibal....DECIMATE THE...WEEEAAAAK!!!!

  10. That sounds fun dude haha, hows your team planning on smoking, blunts or J's i would guess haha. Goodluck.

    I for one, hope to get high :hello:
  11. I'll be flying back from Coachella. I wish I could stay in LA and smoke up with my sister, but I've got class on tuesday so I gotta get back. I'm sure I'll smoke plenty at the festival, though.
  12. haha thats a good idea. you should buy like an extra half o or something, and whoever wins gets to keep it.

    i'm not sure on the details yet, but i plan to spend every waking second (and i mean every) of that day high :smoking:
  13. Yongsterdam in Toronto!
    Smokin' up at College Park the whole day, yeah!
  14. Everyday is like 420 for me homie, but I got plans:

    I already have $450 ready to throw at the best deal I can find. I've been slowly accumulating pipes/bongs so I can load dank into an army of smoking devices on 420. Just imagine upwards of seven pipes packed with FAT bowls of some of the best chronic you've ever smoked; along with a handful of blunts and joints - with everything in constant rotation, basically hotboxing a living room, with weed still leftover. On top of all aforementioned facts, each of my six closest friends that will be attending this special day are all looking to buy O's to bring along with them, and have the money together right now. My buddy Chuck and I are going 50/50 in on a Volcano without dipping into the 420 fund. One of my other bro's who's coming is currently waiting on his RooR to arrive, while another dude copped an illedelph today - and these devices weren't counted in the pieces I mentioned earlier.

    So what's really good?
  15. i am going to the hollywood hills for the Weed Tracker EXTRAVAGANJA house party ... uber secret haha

    but ! its on 4-18
  16. I plan on smoking lots of chronic, especially to the face, and sharing a 1+ oz super blunt with my roommates.
  17. Road Trip to Santa Cruise with an ounce of dank
  18. #18 capsrb, Mar 23, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 23, 2009
    i have 11 different types of headies that ive been saving for the past 7 months that were the the best i could find around and also have a half gram of hash ive been saving. should be a great day:smoking:

    i have like a gram or little less of each
  19. Well it's my birthday, and my friends are supplying for the whole day. Unfortunatly it's a monday this year so im thinking to skip school with my buddies and just chill all day
  20. As a wise midget once said, "Smoke mad weed and slap a nun."

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