what are you doing right now...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by mrphreez, May 31, 2009.

  1. im watching Man vs. Wild in hd on "discovery channel" smoking bowls

  2. Haha. That show is nuts.

    I'm looking for bud. With very little luck.
  3. I just fed my dog now Im listening to mastodon and drinking a sprite... I love sprite. It would taste so much better with like 2-4 ounces of tussionex in it but oh well no more opiates for me for a while. = )
  4. smoking a j, and playing runescape.
  5. Listening to [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4oLtwpOT58&feature=related]YouTube - do or die lil ghetto boy[/ame]

    packin a bowl of this strawberry cough I copped tday
  6. Layin on my bed with a freshly cleaned chillum and a bowl of the best weed ive ever smoked. Hawaiian snow
  7. watching the house marathon on USA
  8. Now im watching

  9. since this is pandoras box, i'm gonna have to say jerking off.

  10. Yea and im doinkin it to...........

    "The Golden Girls"

  11. i JUST HAVE TO



  12. The house marathon is where its at for me as well. About to take the HBWS as well.
  13. :ey::love::yummy:
  14. i dont even like hockey but im high and watchin these skatin fools on the tube
  15. watching "ICE ROAD TRUCKERS" LoL There all fucking crazy
  16. watching "ICE ROAD TRUCKERS" LoL There all fucking crazy

  17. Watchin the wings and pens game.

    Great game
  18. hittin the vape, noddin a bit, enjoying the start to my day already

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