What Are You Doing For Halloween?

Discussion in 'General' started by CharO0ne, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. As for me, I'll be in the house...once again. I'd love to go out and dress up and party, but no one I know is into that, so...what are y'all doing on the 31st?
  2. Going to my grandma's birthday :cool:

    Cause I'm a baller like that.
  3. goin trick or treatin
  4. Eat mushroom pizza with friends ;) ay que rico!
  5. I might be going to an adult halloween party
    I feel growed up now
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    I say we all take a bunch of joints to Stewart's and Colbert's rallies on the 30th. Then spend Halloween in jail.

  7. gonna be on the lookout for a costume rave while indulging in... other.. drugs :D
  8. Going to Glitch Mob with Beats Antique at the Fillmore...or shall we say...the fill-morgue HAHAHAHAAH gonna be good
  9. its not even october bro lolol

    either partying or at home. either way there will be some biz of the canna (cannabis)
  10. Probably smoke pot and hand out candy to little kids dressed up in costumes like I do every year. Except the teenagers who don't even dress up, fuck those guys they ain't getting my snickers bars.

  11. Lol i instantly thought of biz making a mad beat while smoking when you said that

  12. toke. parties. lookin crazy.

  13. Hell yeah, I want to go soooooooooo bad! :smoke:
  14. Making popcorn balls with razorblades in em.


    I'm hopefully going to Auburn University for some ballin ass costume parties.

  16. You should go to tuscaloosa instead. (i'm kidding)

    (not really)
  17. Yeah I'm a Bama fan. I don't like Auburn too much but damn those parties up there are crazy. The girls are all fine as hell too.
  18. celebrating birthday & Halloween with my twin this year.:D
    haven't done that in a long time, can't wait.

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