What Are you Doing FOr Easter?

Discussion in 'General' started by BONGZILLA420, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. I'm getting high as a mofucka and goin th the Chi Soxs vs. Toronto. I know Chicago has good bud and I'm sure Toronto has good bud.
  2. Haha your judging who's going to win by who's got better buds. Hahaha, I'd do the same shit.
  3. Im hopin to just get some buds. This is the first day Ive been dry in months.......oh well:confused_2:
  4. acid

    we are taking it in T-minus 4 hours
    its my first time taking it so im pumped
  5. Nothing too special, I waked N Baked to start off the day, I was hoping to pick up an 1/8th of dank , But I'll have to wait until later tonight to get it. :(
  6. got a bowl packed of some fresh chicago dank gonna smoke it watch the sox game for a little pop 5 vicodin altough i'm not sure how much will happen with the large amounts i been taking, and then going to this expensive steak house with the fam
  7. In the same boat right now, can't get a hold of any one.
  8. ripping a gram bowl of some chi headies to king of the hill (I'm a sucker for sunday cartoons and food)

    haha bonzilla one of my headie connects is probably at that game ya'll gonna get rained the fuck out or something

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