What are you currently under?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by RAZORsharp, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Hey all.

    as i posted in the opiate thread, i just took some low dose opiate pills ( M357 hydro) 5 in total.

    i gotta say i feel really good. sometimes my head nods as if to clear an image from an etch- a sketch.

    i love this low tolerance thing!!:hello:

    any way, what are you currently up to? what are you currently on?

    post pictures!! ill get some ip once i move from this spot
  2. 30mg hydro
    4mg k-pin
    1g blunt rolled and ready.
  3. Damn nice man. yeah im at about 25 mg of hydro for my first time since wisdom teeth

    (july) so i have NO opiates in me :)

    blunt sounds nice, think ill get a bowl ready.

    and by the ay i found a nie size chunk of HASH in my sac!!! i smoked aot of it, but ill get some pictues up!
  4. Stoned off 2 bowls and drinking.
  5. Had a pepsi, so i got some caffeine all up in my system fucking me up
  6. Just took some hits off of my friend's little apple bong.

    Yeah. =]
  7. Two shots of dope and some pizza rolls :smoking:
  8. xanex bars
    couple shots

    I have to get fucked everynight or I just dont feel right you know
  9. 5 blunts, 2 30mg oxycodone, then another bump 8mg and now going to sleep:gc_rocks:
  10. Pink Hearts.

    I need to pop more becouse these are not that strong.I am going to try and take a picture of the last three but I can not find alive batteries right now.
  11. I'm under the moon with a bottle of kush in one hand bottle of jack flash in the other. Floating on thru the night with my sweet ganja delight.
  12. A blunt of some medical shit called Nice. Feeling pretty nice.
  13. ive had nice im still fucked up i smoked a boll
  14. xanax

    i keep thinkin about sleep and deciding to do somethin else
  15. xannies and herb

    bout to hit the sack. i'll just melt into that shit
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    Just Finished up a fat G of yay bout to snort the 4th hydromorphone
  17. black tar, noddin hard as fuck, gonna throw on the headphones and enjoy this shit.
  18. Muscle relaxers and a little green :)
  19. 6 perc 5's, 2 7.5 vics, 1 2mg klonny. and just ate a firecracker.

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