What are you Craving?

Discussion in 'General' started by TheElcinator, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Title says it all.

    I've been craving some Butter Rum Coffee with Buttershots.

    Guess what I managed to get a hold of tonight?

    I'm in heaven.
  2. A Black and Mild haha... started talking about it with a friend and now my mouth's just watering for one.
  3. orange juice, big fookin' cheeseburger, and some fried chicken haha.

    i'm just hungry as shit haha, bout to dig into some honey barbecue tyson chicken
  4. damn i'd make some of more of this stuff if it wasn't for it getting my hands dirty lol
  5. not a cigarette
  6. Weed, it's been like two-three weeks since i last smoked a decent amount. I'm in saving mode so i gotta wait till i get paid (one more week) before i can get like 3.5 grams....

  7. Bro, i think we're all craving weed.
  8. I haven't smoked for over 3 months and only 5 times in the last 6 months and 5 days :mad:.

    And 3 of those times I was drinking and the other time it was shitty brick weed from the ghetto :mad:
  9. Pizza...mmm

  10. What kind of pizza? I want
    A fresh patch of dough, coming straight from the storage patted down to that circuler shape we all love. Fill it with sauce, but not too much just enough to where it hits the top of the hollow hole. Then i want cheese spreaded all over it, very generously tossing up the cheese. Throw some pepporoni's on it, sausage, bacon, and those spicy cruncy jalapeno peppers.
    Then cooked in the oven where the cheese is melted right into the dough, and i would eat that whole thing whole. That's what im craving.
  11. Pepperoni pizza of any origins, i wont ask questions

    There's this little pizza joint in my town that has the best pizza in the world...the sauce to cheese ratio is perfect, it just melts. and the cheese is just ridiculous. Words cant describe how badly i want that pizza.
  12. Yeah i use to have a place like that, it was a 10 minute walk from my house but it was worth it. I swear even all my friends told me its the best pizza out there, u get 2 slices of 1 topping pizza(u can get 1 topping on each slice, even different toppings if u wanted) and a can of soda for $4 i loved that place.
    It got replaced by a fucking burger joint, and the burgers there arent even that great... they really fucked up by selling out to these low class burgers.
    I'm not a big fan of the top named places, Dominoes, Papa Johns, Pizza hut u name em. I prefer the small little restraunts that sell decent hard worked, well prepared food.
  13. Mom and pop pizza joints is where its at if you want a good pizza, they use like old school recipes so there's always something more to them, and portions are always more generous. and they're usually chill spots too, great way to cure the munchies :smoke:
  14. big steak omelette from i hop
  15. Protein Shake Vanilla or Chocolate Flavored, I need to gain some weight since my eating habits won't do.
  16. Just got my black n mild i've been craving all morning, so im pretty happy. All you dudes be posting about food, making me drool haha.
  17. I currently crave a cigarette, a coffee, bongloads, and pussy.
  18. An italian hoagie w/ oil, vinegar, hotpeppers.

    And a coffee... Going to go make some right now.
  19. Currently jonesing for some cannoli. Hahaha:laughing:

    Mostly because I've been planning to pick some up today for about a week now.

  20. Away from home so..WEED..
    be back in a few days so i can deal,
    sooo now I'd really like a beer

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