What are you attracted to?

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  1. It's always interesting to me how people are attracted to different types of people. But if we were all attracted to the same type of person.. well that just wouldn't be possible. Anyway.

    What is it that you are attracted to? What kind of personality traits do you like? What is your preferred body type for your partner? Hair color? Height? Et Cetera...

    What is it that you judge a person on? Appearance? Sense of Humor? Whatever.

  2. For me;
    I like guys that are somewhat grungy, not grimy or greasy, that can clean up real nice. I'd like to be able to call him "sharp" or "dapper" when he gets cleaned up. I guess I prefer guys with brown hair but that doesn't really matter. Body type: I'm not one for huge muscles, doesn't have to be super fit, but I feel like I would look awkward with a thin guy because I'm curvy. I'm not really a "chubby chaser" but their pant size/weight doesn't matter all that much if I enjoy their personality.

    I usually fall for sarcastic guys that are the life of the party. I'm definitely more attracted to tall guys. Short guys are fine but the taaaalller the better :)

    mmkay I think that's enough.
  3. Looks wise, just like my last ex. Don't feel like going into detail though. Personality wise? I couldn't even tell you. Never been with a chick that didn't have a shit one.
  4. what i likes in girls? back dimples cute face hot body, and slender. Outgoing funny ambitious just the best girl i can get. thats what i like. in women.
  5. I like girls that think deeply and can talk about it with me. I think that the mind is the most powerful sexual organ. I love really bold brown eyes, brown/black hair. I also have a thing for red nail polish and lipstick for some reason I just think it's sexy.
  6. Yeah the girl definitely has to be smart if i'm looking for a relationship.
    The eyes are what do it for me.
  7. Cliche.....
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    Pretty much any ethnicity although i prefer Asian
    not ugly, Although i find 'Perfect' looking woman to be unattractive, I like some imperfections
    height doesn't bother me
    Brunette or black hair pretty much any colour other than blonde
    Not fat or too skinny
    *has to have a sense of humour
    *has to be outgoing although i don't mind shy girls
    *has to be confident
    Pretty much as long as there decent looking and have a good personality then there attractive to me.
  9. someone who is intelligent and doesn't get offended by my sarcasm.
    and a sexy body.
  10. Her eyes and laugh, and yes all the shallow things too
  11. All the wrong things.
  12. Big tits, long legs, straight shiny hair of any color(except red), the winner is the thinner, and loves to fuck. Everything else I can work with.
  13. I like older women, preferably women that have big tits, a nice ass, like comic books and/or comic book movies. They need to be able to make me laugh, and they need to like my jokes as well. Blonde, red, brunette it doesn't really matter.
  14. Chicks that like to read and do drugs and have earlobes stretched so wide she can loop it over her head.
  15. It might sound weird but I am attracted to the "evil" bad girls.
    Like bad girls in movies where they are the villainess/ evil character.
    Anyone else agree? You know what I mean? :p
  16. I have a severe weakness for curvy Latinas
  17. Long hair and nice eyes catch my attention. After that, thin, small to med breasts and a nice butt.
  18. I like a guy that has a good mind, know their goals and what they want out of life, no snobs though, I like a guy that has a sense of humor, I am a funny girl and like to relate. I prefer guys with dark hair and eyes. Doesn't have to be "Jacked" But takes care of himself to an extent, I am curvy but fit, I like to do a lot of outdoor physical things, so I guess he would have to as well. Anyway, most of all I am attracted to a man who knows how to treat a female with care and respect. =)
  19. The main thing i want from a girl is to trust me and respect me. Respect is the main key, to respect me, my feelings and our relationship is what matter the most. Everything else in her or my personality will be unstable and might change depending on how much i want to change or upgrade ;)

    i like my girl to be intelligent and a good listener, open minded and not judgmental.

    Looks wise, i don't mind.. I'm a little more attracted to shorter girls and i like brunettes more than blondes.

    I'm too flexible so i don't know what to say I'm good with whatever as long as she is balanced but there is one thing i know for sure, i hate toes and if you are the hottest girl of all time and have bad toes than I'm sorry.

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