What are you all doing this Saturday night?

Discussion in 'General' started by babaloeey, May 8, 2011.

  1. What are you doing or what did you do?

    Me, I'm just sitting here dopesick bored, smoking pot and playing video games to pass the time.
  2. smoking some buds, chilling out as well, saturday's just another day. i have more fun on random weekdays than i do on the weekends sometimes. might have to bake me up a cake or something, ha i'm a hungry little baby. WHAAAAA FEED ME!
  3. high as hell man...
  4. Today's Sunday man.. It was such when you posted this thread.
  5. I got my license, so I went out to smoke at this one beach in Seattle. So I try to get to Dick's and it's already 1 a.m. So I get there at like 2:30 and they are closed.. got lost couple of times

    ended up getting jack in the box
  6. Well it's now Sunday night, but I spent Saturday night at a BBQ at a mate's place, lots of beer and meat but a serious lack of weed. :( I did smoke a joint there with a friend when he was smoking a cig but I was the only person who still smokes/has smoked at all out of the >10 people there. Shit sucks. We ended up having an insane drive back to my place, fulfilling the stereotype of the P-plated car with loud dance music pumping and with little to no disregard for the speed limits... (my usually anxious friend is an unexpectedly wild driver) and he nearly flipped the fucking car rapidly trying to pull into my street at the last minute. They might've thought it was intense but they should've given some thought to the stoned guy in the back seat who was experiencing it threefold. :eek: After they drove off I smoked a joint on my back porch and then had a nice sleep.
  7. I worked 12 hours 8pm-8am
  8. I played black ops... yea im a loser, so what.
  9. Went home to visit parents for mothers day, watched celtics-heat game then SNL and then sleep. Going to go more than 24 hours without weed for the first time in 2 months but obviously im completely fine, just will be nice when I get back to my apt with white rhino waiting for me lol
  10. Got real fucked up.
  11. Got laid, ate a bacon cheeseburger, got high, played NES emulator and passed out.

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