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What are y'alls signs of a good high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sur, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Mine are probably a amazing "limitless" kicked in feeling and I feel super good and light are probably my most common ones for the type of bud I prefer.
  2. When your coffin is being lowered into the grave while your family members are crying at your funeral, that's how you know you got a good high.
  3. when im holding the smoke in and my friend looks at me like :confused: and im like :smoke::wave::D:hello:
  4. When I'm pretty much falling over...
  5. When I have nothing to trip about.
  6. When I close my eyes and I start getting dizzy from spinning. That's how I check to see if I'm high enough haha
  7. for some reason i always have a better high at night, so if its night time then most likely my highs gonna be good
  8. when i feel like i MUST find food. its not even that im all that hungry its just like i'm on a mission and it must be accomplished
  9. when i can't feel my whole body. :smoke:
  10. Excessive giggling.
  11. When I run out of weed. :smoke: Then I use my reserve weed which is usually 2 grams. Then when that runs out, I'm goooooooooood. :smoking:
  12. When it feels good when I whack off.
  13. When my body is weightless and gone. My mental capacity is at 0. Fried.
  14. When I can close my eyes and pretty much see the music.
  15. When I'm cheesing from cheek to cheek
  16. my head starts to feel melty and floaty, and my eyes feel i don't know man it's hard to explain. it just sinks in extra hard when i'm nice and stoned :smoke:
  17. When I feel high.
  18. When you take that first toke of the session and you feel that rush of THC entering your system...:smoke:
  19. Just lit up 5 bowls of some nice homegrown kush.. the mind is fuckkked hard, that's how I know I'm high. :smoking: FUCK YEAH! :hello:


  20. Damn, 5 bowls??? I can barely handle 2 :p
    Toke on :smoking:

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