what are we suppose to do

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  1. with everything that is goin on in the world, wat are we to fuckin do i feel so helpless and unprepaired
  2. Start a plot to assassinate the big 13 families that control commerce around the world, thats where i would start

  3. Well for a start you could throw your weight behind the one man in US politics who is genuine and really wants "change" Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul's foreign policies would radically change the world for the better...

    Convince as many people that you can to support Ron Paul...

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtQTTSmc-CU]Ron Paul's Foreign Policy: Peace & Respect - Not Intimidation, Bribes & War - YouTube[/ame]

  4. already on it, few listen some dont and few dont even care

    i need a team i need resources... and ur prob bein watched for wat u jus said

    something big is gonna happen soon not only with our government but mother earth is goin thru some changes take a look outside.. and no its not global warming they jus say that.. but wat im tryn to get at is i only got a bbgun, some bow and arrows, camping gear, i live next to the coast, and myself.. no one wants to hear or believe (untill its to late) they all think im nuts to be prepared.. im on my own and im piss poor
  5. Go through some survival forums and you should find people near you...But one piece of advice, if you are on your own, don't reveal everything you have at your disposal on the internet.
  6. [quote name='"lilro"']

    Go through some survival forums and you should find people near you...But one piece of advice, if you are on your own, don't reveal everything you have at your disposal on the internet.[/quote]

    Any recomendations on the forums, and i dont think any ones gonna care if i got a bbgun bown arrows and camping gear
  7. well..1% and their minions believe we should all do this;
  8. The gov't will know you're an easy target if you express any dissent. Google OPSec. Seriously. If you don't have a plan for your whole community to come together, you need to keep your resources to yourself.
  9. Life would be very lonely holed up all by yourself. Nobody to talk to. Nobody to drink and smoke with.
    A commune offers the perfect solution to anybody worried about such an eventuality. The burden and struggle for survival would be less in numbers...

    So repent your foolish ways Comrade and embrace -


    Communism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Its not as scary as you have been led to believe...;)
  10. I know life would be lonely. Never said I was alone. I said if he's going the loner route he needs to keep to himself. It's very easy for the govt to take out/detain a single person.

  11. Indeed.
    I did not mean to imply that you were alone, i meant in general terms.

    If a major crisis such as described comes it will be Communism that most of us will turn to. It would only be natural.
    Of course those that wish to live in the woods would be perfectly entitled to and only hunted for food on one day of the year.

  12. Live your life to the fullest. Embrace the things that are important in your life that that you have control over- family, friends, and your own well-being and contentment. The rest are just external factors that you have no control over.

    No politician, or form of government (or lack thereof), is going to change your life.

  13. so go out with a bang not a fight.. and they obviously have complete control over u

    o im sure the fussion centers already have an eye on me

    i have been lookin for a commune for a while.. though it wud be easy for them to detain me i wont be easy to find (if i see them coming), and if they catch me off gaurd i always have a knife on me and i jus keep playin scenerios in my head, and im sure there gonna be after groups not loners like myself, and im not a loner by choice
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    Arise and stand before they take your life
    This is not a promise, this is a fucking threat
    Witness the death of tomorrow as today comes to an end
    The time for brute force has passed.
    They're waging a war on the middle class
    An economic war fueled and paid for by the money that comes out of our pockets
    Scientifically created panics further consolidate the monopoly of banks
    And control the state of the nation like a mathematical calculation
    Looking to the past, there is a pattern, repetition of occurring events in order to break our spirits
    And exploit the population's false sense of security
    Warlords of today control a weapon that will make our nations sovereignty obsolete
    A series of contrived panics, recessions, and buyouts, further consolidating the power into the hands of overlords and tyrants, used to condition us to the point of accepting the solution offered by the same people that produced the problem.

    Undermining the structure of our home through inflation and deflation; paving the way for totalitarian control.
    Those who strive for power will achieve it if we let them, but our numbers are stronger than ever before.
    We have it within us to stop the dissolution and end this fucking war.

    The time for brute force has passed
    They're waging war on the middle class
    This is not a promise, this is a fucking threat
    If you don't take action it will be your death

    Edit- This is this song:
  15. ive thought bout joing the us militia but im afriad if they have been infultrated
  16. [quote name='"progenitor04"']ive thought bout joing the us militia but im afriad if they have been infultrated[/quote]

    The Michigan militia was raided by the FBI.
  17. [quote name='"Flemian"']

    The Michigan militia was raided by the FBI.[/quote]

    So i was right there must be an inside man in prob all

  18. Shit man! :eek: i sent emails and shit to them talking about joining, yikes thats crazy all well, ill have to start my own militia, maybe ill kidnap a bucnh of african children and become an American warlord. :metal:
  19. I wish I had the article, but there is an excellent write up about how stock piling guns and ammo and food will not help you survive a catastrophic failure of the system.

    I agree with that idea. If we end up in some kind of dystopic future the skills that will help you survive will be leadership, the ability to work with others and the relationships you build with the people around you.

    Not because we are going to sing kum bi ah around a fire, but because that's how society works and how it will be rebuilt. Through voluntary cooperation.
  20. I would personally stock up on gold and silver, because the American dollar will be about as useful as toilet paper then. But gold and silver will always be valuable to barter with.

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