what are ur thoughts on this bong?

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  1. i was just lookin in the GC shop and came across this little baby. it seems to be a decent deal, but idk cus ive never bought a bong before. what u guys think?


    <LI class="gc_ice odd">Ice: Yes <LI class="glassthick even">Glass Thick: 3.5 mm <LI class="clearer odd"> <LI class="height even">Height: 40 cm <LI class="diameter odd">Diameter: 37 mm
  2. I don't like it because it has a carb hole on the back. I hate carbs on bongs.
  3. Where do you see a carb?

    I think it's cool, reminds me of my bong.
  4. yea i didnt notice a carb either... but if it has one then i see what u mean. thats just wierd.
  5. why, my thoughts are that the item in the picture shown above is not a bong to any extent, but a horrible looking toy boat.

    jk man, that looks like a nice bong, i didnt see a carb on it, looks glass on glass, but cant tell by that picture. if there is one, i would look for somthing with a slider. but i think i'd go with it:hello:
  6. The carb is visible just below the ice notches.

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