What are trichs? Where am I looking?

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  1. im a newb here and ive been looking for hours trying to find more info on trichs. my last crop was done by when the hairs turned red. turned out good but i want the optimum stone!! ive seen the magnified chart but im still not sure how to get to that point.
    im using 2 400watt HPS. its Orange Crush my buddy grew from seed and had too many. i kicked over to 12/12 jan 8th and seen flowering about a week later. so that puts them about 4weeks since 1st flower... i over grew them in the veg state from my learnings on this site, they were about 2feet tall w/3 main branches.

    1- wheres the best place to take a sample? of what? one of the bud leaves or fan leaves? the tips or tword the middle? checking the front of back of the leaf?

    2- is it good to start checking now? if so i need a scope.

    3- i keep the lights about 8inches from the top of the colas. too close? my hand can stay there for about 30 seconds without burning.

    4- how long before harvest to i flush? how do you tell when if u want to cut as soon as u see red trichs? does flushing just consist of running clean water through till it comes out of the bottom clear?

    sorry lots of questions but im learning ALOT here and want to green up my thumbs some. i can say this forum rocks and i will be a regular here!

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    first off trichs are just a fancy word for THC or crystal.....to properly check if plants are done/harvest...get a small pocket microscope and look at the thc on the bud or sugar leaves .......i dont have links handy but.. trichs look like an antenna(with a ball on the tip)on the end of a single tric the ball is clear like glass its too early to harvest, then they go to a cloudy color, and then turn amber..... personally i harvest when the trich are half cloudy and half amber.........flushing consists of flush plain water through you pot....whatever size the pots are you want to flush DOUBLE the amount of water through
    ie; 2gals pots would flush 4gals of h2o through...and this is done anywhere from 1 to 2weeks before you cut down the plants.....

    want more thc production?leave your light off for the last 2days..plants think end of season is near and makes more thc/resin glands.... and using 100%natural molasses during flowering makes fuller buds and sweeter smelling buds too........i mean it.....1tablespoon per 1gal......my last kush tasted like heaven.

    hope i could help and good luck...
  3. ok so the white hairs or pistols are where i check? i still need to get a scope but ive also read that ur checking the trichs on the leaves? im still a little confused.... and stoned. lol maybe ill review tomorrow before my morning bowl!! :confused::smoking:
    thanks alot!!

    oh yeah ill post the trich chart i got from this forum, not sure where it was so please dont blast me for not giving my sorces acurately.

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  4. dont really matter where you chech the thc......you can check it right on the buds....or on the little fans leaves that grow out the buds known as the sugar leaves.......

    i think you are confused, some ppl look at the hairs that grow out of the buds ....

    trics are all over the buds and all the little leaves around them......there is no way you can see if it's ready with the human eye...
  5. I check where it looks nice, and frosty...there are more tric's there so I can see way more trich's easily then looking at a smaller amount on the fan leaves. It makes checking them quicker, because I have a lot of samples very close together.

    4 weeks is too early. Start taking a look a few times a week in 2 weeks time, it will still be mostly clear with a few cloudy, but when they start to change it will happen quickly...in plant time haha.

    8 inches!? You say 30 seconds without burning, how about 12hours? You shouldn't feel any burn. I suggest 10"-12" above the top of the plant.

    You start flushing about 2 week prior to harvest. There is no such thing as red trich's. If you have a soil-less plant plant then cut nut strength to 1/4 for 3-4 days so that the plants don't suffer shock, then begin flushing with filtered water that has been Ph'd to your plants liking. If they are being grown in soil, then you can flush with filtered water thats Ph'd to your plants liking. I do a 3:1 ratio if its soil, i.e. 3 gallon pot= 9 gallons of water, 4.5 gallons then wait 5-10minutes for it to soak in, then add the next 4.5 gallons. If its a hydro grow then just check every couple days. The way I check is roughly 2-3 day intervales I snap a fan leaf off from the stalk, and inspect the sap that trickles out. Milky-ish, and taste the sap, if its bitter there are still nutes to be flushed, if its clear, and tastes like water the flush should be done 1-2 days longer then harvest.
  6. you guys kick ass!! :hello: so the trichs are the crystals that the pistols spit out! i was thinking i was checking the leaves themselves... not the crystals lol damn newbs...

    im using miricle grow soil, i used foxfarm grow big 6-4-4 for veg and switched to foxfarm tiger bloom 2-8-4 when i kicked. every other watering i use 2 teaspoons per gallon... is that good?? i wait till its good and thirsty before watering to avoid root rot. im not positive if im under or over feeding or im good to go.... but the leaves are always green and perky like a highschool cheerleader!! haha

    thanks for the light tip! i didnt mean it burnt my hand after 30 seconds, i just never held my hand there any longer. but i will raise the lights.

    now i have a 55gal saltwater reef tank and i buy filtered RDI water wich is pertty much PURE H2O... should i use that for my waterings???

    im going to go study up on the PH testing cus im clueless on what im looking for, i do have the test kit that is for my saltwater tank.

    thanks for all the help guys!
  7. ewww on the miricle grow i would use fox farm soil
  8. thanks for the soil tip!
    im glad im hearing good words about foxfarm here. i wasnt sure if the lady at the local grow store here was just trying to get me to buy the fox farm nutes just cus it cost more, but i got it anyway and im glad now. i will switch to foxfarm soil on my next crop.

    thanks for the links too, i was actually looking for that radio shack link i seen it somewhere else on this forum. and i read and saved the canibus culture artical, great reading! those buds look so tasty!!

    i cant thank this forun enough, my friends are gonna flip when i bust out my chroinc and blast them to the moon!! haha
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    Filtered tap if fine for your flush if your saving money or have a well for a water supply. I buy the 5 gallon poland spring waters...but Im also DWC so I need lots of water, and my cities water it heavy with chlorine. Can't wait to get a house with a private well...preferably with a well into an aquifer.

    As for Ph you can get a meter that can read Ph, and PPM trough testing your run off. Its VERY helpful so you know if you have too little, enough, or too much nutes, and if your close to getting Ph lock-out or if your at the optimal range for your strain.

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