What are tou doing this 4/20/2012

Discussion in 'General' started by mcweedyGA, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. friday
  2. I will be hanging with my peeps of dfw norml chapter at the 4/20 party.
  3. Imma get so high so I can do a song with Biggie
  4. ^ I'm gonna start doing 10 pushups per post now lol.

    I'm gonna stop smoking April 1st and get lit as fuck on the 20th.
  5. I already have my day planned out :) by a half Ounce.. go to bed at around 9ish the night before and wake up at 7:00am... Smoke a bowl... Make some pancakes... eat them on my deck while toking up.. then go swimming and just fucking kick back and enjoy my fucking day!

  6. my friend was telling me about that... im from wareham so i might go xD
  7. Prolly beer pong and a lotta dro..dont want to crazy since week after im going to a Tech N9ne concert n raging at hotel for the weekend.

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