What are tou doing this 4/20/2012

Discussion in 'General' started by mcweedyGA, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. I am undecided at this time, Atl used to have pot fests, but have not seen/heard of anything goin on!!
  2. I think I'm going to smoke some cannabis.

  3. agreed the marijuana inhalation shall began that day.
  4. gonna start curing my footlong cola so i can get retarded:smoke:
  5. I will be... Very. Very high.

    I've been saving snaps with a friend of every type of weed we've smoked since Jan 1st!

    There's like 44 snaps :)

    We started doing it with wax also :p

    And we're saving then Kief in our grinders till 420.
  6. I'll probably smoke some weed. At 4:20AM.
  7. I'm going to smoke so much cannabis on that particular day that I'll be able to fabricate and lucidly comprehend a completely new and profound religion.
  8. Please don't. I guarantee it will only cause problems, as do ALL religions.
  9. I will be at Marley fest :smoke:

    Hell yeah!
  10. If there aren't any problems, then there are never any solutions.
  11. I will begin the combustion of the dried sexual reproductive flowers that consist of calyxes, pistils, cannabis leaf and many trichomes of the Cannabis Sativa plant, and inhale the psychoactive smoke, resulting in an intoxication, due to the Psychoactive chemical Delta-9 Tetrahydracanabaniol found in the Cannabis Sativa plant.
  12. Religion is the problem. Another religion is not the solution.
  13. Wrong. More religions are the solution.

    If we create more religions, orthodox ones become less of the solution by contrast, ergo achieving the original desired effect which is evidently a solution.
  14. argue about religion and play with my balls
  15. i will be attending a fest in amherst masschusetts called extravaganja
  16. Hopefully working lol.

    Then get off work and have a quad waiting just for me. :smoke:

    Blunts on blunts on blunts.
  17. Where do you live at in Ga?
  18. heh heh
  19. what day does it fall on this year?
  20. Nothing, I've never celebrated 4/20 once in my life.

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