What are those black and milds called that cost like a $

Discussion in 'General' started by goodseasons, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. I wanna go get some, there just like black and milds except there completely black, and there a $1. Can't believe i totally forgot the name.
  2. um. black and milds.
  3. black and mild (insert flavor here if you dont want plain)

  4. There not black and milds though... it's a different company that makes them, instead of them being brown there black.
  5. Black and mild vanilla flavor are like the blackest colored wraps of the various flavors. Or maybe its cream. Either vanilla or cream. I love my black n milds
  6. I found them on google images there called BLK, there so good! Type in BLK cigars, you'll see what i was talking about.
  7. Those are swisher brand ma dude
  8. Black & mild wood tip wine or gtfo
  9. Yeah your right, i like them more than black n milds
  10. theres these little cigars i got once called "new york minutes" they are cigarette sized cigars come in a little pack of 2. i dont really like cigars but they were similar to blacks

  11. agreed, 99999%
  12. They're swisher BLK's

    My gas station sells them in regular and.cherry

    And they smell bomb!
  13. Swishers are harsh as hell. If you want, I could let you take hits from my muffler. It'd be the same shit lol
  14. Swishers. Lol they're gross as fuck.. you wonder why they cost about $1 each... terrible for you.
  15. grape swishers are the shit :confused_2:
  16. I hope you are not SMOKING those.
  17. Idk i like em, there just like black and milds except they look cooler. I gotta say flavor is pretty much the same maybe a little more potent
  18. Lot of self-destructive behavior going on in this thread... Leave that garbage alone IMMEDIATELY!
  19. black n mild are fuckin nasty and the aftertaste, taste like ass. buy a pack of Marlboro 27s and they're 10x better

  20. you know smoking weed is bad for your lungs too right?

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