What are things you hate doing but continue to do anyway?

Discussion in 'General' started by Hiiiibbbb, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. For me it's working construction 7am to 4 pm monday-friday and everyday after that I go into the gym for 2 hours. I'm in a fucking loop and I can't break it at the moment without fucking myself over.
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    nuff said lol
  3. I would probably go with life.

    Not a bright answer but true
  4. just derpin':

  5. [quote name='"SIRSOG"']

    nuff said lol[/quote]

    This. Cigarettes are fcking hard to give up but a few of my friends are quitting aug. 20 so I'm picking that day to try and quit with them
  6. staying up til 4am and sleeping the day away. also being bored as fuck. damn man shit sux.
  7. [quote name='".AcidTrip."']I would probably go with life.

    Not a bright answer but true[/quote]

    Having to work to pay bills ......

  8. Not going to the skatepark...
  9. not getting laid......it's not my fault women have rights now and "rape" is illegal.
  10. I hate it when I stick my finger in my belly button and then sniff it like it's going to get me high.
  11. Smoking with "that guy".
  12. getting paid minimum wage when my department works harder than any other where i work
  13. I really hate how I procrastinate sometimes, or when I fall asleep during the day and ruin a plan I had with someone. ( My sleep schedule is all sorts of fucked up this summer)

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