What are these worth.. *pic* Darvocet + Watson 540 (?)

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  1. I accumulated some pills through trades and have a few questions..

    The big red ones are Darvocets, I believe they're 100mg. they aren't the strongest PK i've had, ate 4 the other night and was feelin good. How much are these worth a piece?

    The blue oval shaped pills were passed off as 'Watson 540s' as they say on the pill itself, and I have no clue what they are EXACTLY other than some form of hydrocodone. How much are these individually?

    Thx :wave:

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  2. the watsons are 10mg of hydro, I'd get em off for $2 a piece. I guess it just depends where you're at and who buys em.
  3. well, the darvocets aren't really worth anything. unless you can find someone who doesn't know what they are
  4. lol thats dirtbag
  5. In Texas 10mg Hydro's go for $4 a pop. I'd say the same about the darvocets.

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