what are these spots on my plant?

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    it's an auto ak47 about 32 days old, i've been noticing some spots on the leaves for about a week now. I just wanna see what you guys think about it and if its anything serious or not.
    edit: the first one is a pic of one of the stems that i accidentally broke while i was watering it the other day, it looks like it's healing on its own, but the leaf set that's drooping right in front of it is what concerns me.

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  2. Looks like transpiration that got burned into the leaf by the light. Nothing to worry about man, your other leaves look real healthy.
  3. whew thanks man. thats what i thought it was but it doesn't make much sense since i'm using just clf's. as long as everything else looks good i'm happy

    also, in the first pic u can see that the stem with the early bud on it is broken, i think it's healing on its own though, is that possible? also the fan leaves coming out from it are drooping straight down. am i just being overly cautious or is it somethin i should worry about.

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