what are these spots? 8wks into flower

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  1. This is their 4th watering into the 2week flush, tomorrow will make 8 weeks in 12/12. I watered this morning and noticed these spots on some of the upper leaves...any help?

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  2. well if ur 8 weeks in ...it really doesnt matter ur gonna chop soon anyway ..but to me it looks like a nitrogen abundence problem ..and it is causing a nutrient lockout
  3. That's weird cuz as I said yesterday was my 4th day of watering with plain distilled water to flush the soil.

    Should I leave it as is or try to correct the problem?
  4. Soil stores those nutes you put in before though...Seems like you were pushing them a little too hard in the end but it'll be fine. Just continue to flush for another 1.5 weeks or a little more.
  5. Awesome thanks
  6. To me it looks like a calcium deficiency, which would make perfect sense. You are late into bloom, and are flushing with distilled water, which has no calcium. Mature plants tend to get a cal deficiency more so than younger plants. I wouldn't worry about it if you're flushing to harvest. My leaves are all dying up usually by the time I chop.

    EDIT: yeah there's a bit of burn on the leaf tips but those look older, cause they are on other leaves un effected by rust spots.
  7. You think a little molasses would help? I'm thinking about using some for the last few waterings

  8. I use molasses as well near the end of flowering, but if you are already flushing I personally wouldn't because you'd have to flush again. Normally I add molasses when they hit full strength nutrients because molasses feeds the microorganisms in your growing medium, which break down the food for your roots to uptake faster. If there's no food in the medium there's not much of a value in it.
  9. im having the same problem im 4 weeks into flowering.. even the smaller leaves near the top are beginning to get spots i dont know what to do... the leaves are green with dark brown spots then they get light green and spots get bigger. i cant figure out what to do

  10. Sounds like they've got a calcium deficiency. If you have calmag I'd add a small amount of that. If not, if you use distilled water, then tap water can give you calcium. Egg shells are high in calcium, if you add some to your soil they should hold over flowering plants.
  11. I have only a week before harvest is it even worth trying to fix
  12. I'd just let her finish not worth trying to fix deficiencies in the end, you're going to get them on a lot of leaves as the plant matures. You flushed already, so just keep the medium inert and your smoke will be tasty.

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