What are these? shell type growth on plant stem

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  1. Hello everyone!
    It's been a year or more since i've been on the forums here, or anywhere..
    But I have an "issue" that I can not seem to diagnose myself, so here I am asking for help.
    A little background..
    I've been a medical mj caregiver for 5 years, I own/operate a small hydro store, do room set up & design and grow consulting.
    I dont consider myself a master gardener, but I am very confident in my knowledge and ability when it comes to growing. I've made almost every rmistake there is to make in the grow room andI learned from every single one.
    Basically, I have done much research on my problem and I cannot find 1 thing that is close to what i have.
    the pictures will do most of the talking but here's a bit of info
    Growths on the plant stem and leafs stems, almost always near the top of the plant or the top of the higher side branches, under the leaves on the stems running through them.
    Seems like they start out white/cream colored but most of what i see are amber in color. 
    They are brittle and dry. absolutely no moisture, goo, sap, etc... is in them, or under them when removed.
    There is no puncture or damage to the area where the growth was , although there does sometimes seem to be a slight discoloration of the stem after removing balls.
    I've looked at them under 200x scopes and can not tell what it is. I know that scales sounds a lot like this, but there is no sap and they dont look the same from what i can tell.
    I've seen these before, for years.. but never more then 1 or 2 at a time, and not very often (couple times a year)
    About a month ago I started noticing them a lot.. 4-8 on a plant and now they are in both my veg rooms and both my flower rooms.
    By no means are they covering the plants or causing any harm as far as i can tell. but they are showing up and spreading more and more, especially on my blue dream strain.
    Like i said, currently i can see no adverse affects that this is causing, but it seems to be getting "worse"
    There is no evidence of bugs.
    If anyone has any info or ideas or.. well anything PLEASE please reply
    If I need to give more info, just tell me what you want.
    Thank you so much


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  2. Subbed. And pulling out some books to see if I can find it...
  3. Thank you so much!
  4. Sorry man, no clue. But I'll reply just for a bump on the thread and hopefully an answer. Never seen even seen those before though.
  5. Interesting, from the picture it looks like its sphere shaped?

    Are the plants that you have had, that have had this, are they related?

    Wonder if its a genetic thing thats been passed down?

    Maybe its pure THC exrusion. Burn it what does it smell like.
    I really have no ides, im curious as to the outcome.
    No they are not related. I've actually been growing this Blue Dream for 2 years and the  last couple months is the first they've gotten it.
    I haven't tried burning it.. what a great idea. The thought of it being THC did cross my mind, I had a sttrain a while back that had hash oil chunks in the buds
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    Never seen them before in person, but possibly they are armored scale nymphs. Once armored scale hatch, they look for a suitable place and just plop down and feed and usually (And in the case of females) don't move again.
    Armored scale don't have that waxy, soft look of normal soft scale.
  8. It's pot herpies.  Kill it before it kills you!  haha jk, DONT REALLY KILL IT, lol..

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