what are these insects in my soil?

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  1. I have tonnes of these little black/grey flys all over my grow and their larvae are little tiny white bugs barely half a mm long. Ive looked for hours on the internet trying to find out what these little buggers are called but can't seem to find anything matching their description. Im pretty sure they came with the soil because I noticed them from the get go and I've used yellow sticky pads to try to reduce the population which worked to a certain extent. Im going to try some neem oil unless theres a better option.
    But I was wondering if anyone could tell me if these flys have been the cause for my plants stunted growth and If I should just start again when I get some neem oil?
    My plants are only about half a foot tall starting to flower 8 weeks in. They were almost looking good till cops showed and I had to pull them (a fucked up story) and since they were replanted theyve taken root again but havent grown at all heigyt wise but are continueing to flower.

  2. fungus gnats
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    Sounds like gnats to me. A nice neem treatment will get rid of them in about week

    Spray everything and Soak the medium with mixed up neem solution and they will never be a problem again

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  4. Thanks. Yea definetly fungus gnats. Is there any other options besides neem oil? I've read it throws out the nutrient levels for organics and doesn't always work.
  5. Not sure, I've been using neem for a few years now with my soil veggie plants wifes indoor plants and it works every time I use it. Neem has to be used more than once or twice to work effectively

    I've been pouring it right into my medium and no ill effects however I'm not 100% organic. I know it won't kill any beneficial bacteria though

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