What are these dots?

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  1. Hey there
    I´m getting paranoid about these grey dots. First i thought this is mold so i cut off all leaves which are infected. A week later they shew up again but they don´t spread on the buds, so what is this? Am i right when i say it is normal? i saw other plants having the same dots in the beginning of fall...
    Thanks for any help!


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  2. Shit that looks like blight. Can pot catch the blight?
  3. Damn... Yeah i ask the same, can the buds be affected as well?

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  4. Try spraying milk diluted with water. 1 part milk for 9 parts water. This won't hurt the plant and will make the ph on the leaves too high for mold to grow. Then start feeding your plant aspirin. 1 regular strength aspirin per gallon of water once a week. It will boost the plants immune system against all types of diseases. I used it to treat Mosaic Virus in my plants last year and was able to turn my season around. No joke, google it if you think I'm crazy. ;)
  5. is it possible the dog urinated on it?
  6. Thanks to mjmama25 ! :)
    i´ll do your advice with the milk but is it also necessary to water the flower with aspirin when i´m about to harvest in ~10 days?
  7. If you're that close to harvest and the buds look ok, I'd just trim away the effected leaves.
    okay, thank you. very useful answers! :)

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