what are these bugs??

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  1. I noticed I have some sort of bug hanging on my leaves. They are cream colored, ovoid shaped bugs(like a very tiny maggot) that I find on the leaf. They are very small. They have been eating the "color" off some of the fan leaves. They also leave some sort of tiny black dots on leaves. I don't know if these are eggs or a waste product of the bug. At first I thought they were whitefly larve but I haven't seen many whiteflies. I noticed them about 1wk into flowering. I've been picking them off when I see one. I'm into the final weeks of flowering. Should I worry?

  2. those sound like spider mites....they leave a foamy mold behind where they've eaten, and if it spreads too much, it can kill your plant....use one part non toxic dish soap with about ten parts water..spritz the leaves where the mites are and the chemical in the soap breaks down the exoskeleton of the mites which in turn kills them..then just spray the plants with plain water to clean them off....im kind of high right now so this may no be the situation...but I know my salvia plants get them all the time.
  3. From the pictures I've seen of spider mites they look like little spiders. What I'm seeing looks like tiny maggots. I think they may be the larve stage of some kinda bug but I don't see any other bugs except the maggots. I don't know but I'm only a few weeks from harvest so I'm not going to sweat it. I only see a few here and there so I don't think it's a heavy infestation.
  4. ok..i was purposely going to try and get back to this thread tonight while sober..but i failed in ym attempts...I swear its either spider mites..or aphids....because i had the exact same things...but i forgot which ones they are...actually there was a third name i dont remember..all i know is that i shoudl really stay out of the grow section and stick with the forums im good with..because i always end up confused in here
  5. well who cares what it is.
    its a bug. and its eating ur stuff.
    do the soap and water thing.
    if that doesnt do it...go to ur nearest plant store and get some insecticide soap.
    also...pick the damn things off...that works also and doesnt get into ur smoke.
    i wouldnt spray anything in flowering time. pick em off.

  6. hey, ive been seeing a few little tiny white bugs in my room, not many though ive noticed they started to munch on my lush leaves too. So ive decided to kill the litter fuckers. Ive made that soap spray, but my question is how long do you leave the soap water on the plant before you spray it with freash water? someone reply asap.
  7. the water is just to rinse off the soap and whatever else it takes with it. just spray your soap and wait say 10min. then just go and rinse it off.
  8. thats what i have been doing, it seems to have been very effective, i havent seen any sighns of the bastards since, ive done this washing method with soap for 3 times every day, so it seems to have taken care of the problem.
  9. HIGH All, the pests that buddaone have are what woody and I had last month Thrips in the larva stage.

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