What are these bugs on my plants?

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  1. Are the harmful or beneficial? My plants are outside and they're a little over 3 weeks, I've spraying them twice a day with cold water for spider mites and the like.

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  2. The one on the left and in the second picture looks like something predatory, but I'm not sure.

    The one on the right (of the first pic) looks a bit like a ladybug larvae?
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  3. Right side is definitely a ladybug larvae. They eat all soft bodied pests from spider mites to aphids. The one on the right look like some kind of katydid but I'm not too sure. It has very suspicious looking hind legs like it's in that family of insectlike grasshoppers and katydids.

    Ladybug larvae
    And this is what ladybug pupa look like. They're friends to plants
  4. Thanks for the replies guys! It could be a ladybug larvae although the color on it seems unusual, can anyone identify the one on the left and in both pics?
  5. The one on the left appears to have downward facing mouth parts. If that is the case it's highly likely a plant eater as beneficial have forward facing mouthparts. Best of luck
  6. Looks like thripslooks
    Looks like cricket or lookalike and not sure. The last photos look like Thrips.
    thripes - Google Search
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  7. You need a organic bug spray.
    Try 1 tsp Hydrogen peroxide mixed with a half cup(125ml) of clean water. It works well. Hydrogen peroxide is water high on oxygen, >>>>water is H20, peroxide is H202

    Spray entire plant top to bottom and both sides of leaves, bugs seem to prefer underside of leaves and new growth/ tops of branches
  8. Don't worry. Just go on Amazon and buy a box of ladybugs. The 1500 box is great. Let them decide

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