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What are "Therapist" job to do??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FreeLife, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Basically i'm asking this because I recently started seeing this lady, she's supposedly the "therapist" and i'm wondering why I even have to go to her? I had to go to court a month ago for a marijuana case and the judge ordered me to visit this therapist and gave me the address and everything. So basically it's one of the requirements I gotta do for the 6 month probation extend they gave me. And let me start off by saying that I always try to stay high, even when I go to see this "therapist" I don't care. But recently I think she knows that im high everyday, and I think she sorta tries to take advantage of me. Because we talk in a small room and she locks the door and then sits right next to me while taking her sweater off at the same time. And basically just asks me how I feel and I told her recently that I feel aroused, she said "Well, How can I help?" And I didn't know what to say...Anyways what is this lady's job to do?
  2. its that ladies job to try and seduce you and your job to sue to probation program when she does
  3. Is this real right now?

    A+ thread.
  4. Can you re-phrase your sentence? You lose me in the end there?
  5. Its your job to keep dropping sexual hints until she takes her bra off. Once you see nipple, go in for the kill.

  6. Its illegal for her to perform or otherwise create any sexual act or situation upon you

    you are on probation, and were told to go to her

    If she breaks a law, while trying to probate someone for breaking the law, a) the probation system looks like a bunch of fucking idiots, and b) you will get paid... either to shut up about it out of court, or in court because they are idiots
  7. I see. But the thing is... how are they going to believe me if the therapist basically works with them? or maybe not? What if this is all a bait to get me into their county jail and just terminate my probation and incarcerate me?

    Anyways, I have visited this lady twice already ( I go every friday). And she always seems to be really jumpy and happy, kinda freaks me out.
  8. lol if you seriously think she is going to do something and want to cause a fuss... just record the shit on your phone or something
  9. #9 FreeLife, Aug 3, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 3, 2012
    Trust me, I can tell when a girl/woman feels horny. This is just too risky and i'm scared, not gonna lie. Also i'm a self confident guy and do workout so i'm not a bad looking guy, i'm also 18.

    I wasn't gonna go into this much detail but I think this woman already did something sorta sexual to me? I remember her grabbing my hand and placing it on her lap doing this sorta praying kinda thing, while slowly rubbing her lap. At this point I felt weird but I just kinda went with it and smiled. She then said " I hope your probation goes well, bye". This was just before she dismissed me.
  10. You shoulda just gone for it.
  11. Clearly it's her job to fuck the marijuana out of you.
  12. Not sure, man.
  13. Trust an 18 year old to be able to tell when a 'girl/woman feels horny' :eek:

    You'd think a rock is ready to go :D
  14. I was actually slowly getting hard, but I really wasn't showing/expressing it.
  15. Uhh, ok lol.
  16. Wow, this thread is hilarious. Lol good luck dude
  17. OP has one of these he rides around on...uhhuh...
  18. Nice.

    Anyways, today I went to go see this lady and she was acting more serious and didn't really act all that "horny". However she had a pretty average size skirt on today and sat around 8 feet in front of me giving me a perfect view under her, and guess what? she had a thong. We had a good 25 min. conversation but that was it, at the end right before I left she just gave me a card with contact info. and a firm handshake. The thing that mind fucked me is that she usually sits right beside me and today she sat in front of me? I thought to myself that it could of just been a coincidence. But anyways that's what happened! Stay high fellows.
  19. If this is not a troll, fuck her.
  20. lol she's trollin u man, you shuold just confront her about it with your phone in your pocket recording it all

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