What are the reasons for puking after smoking?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Tthyyy, May 6, 2016.

  1. Yesterday I was smoking 2 joints with two friends of mine, i was having a good time (a was a bit nervous too ) but then i threw up. before smoking i had a snack.
    It was my second time smoking it. (I also don't know if i was really high) The first time nothing happend.
    What i want to mention too is that smoke nicotine cigarettes rarely and one time like one month ago i puked too. ( before smoking I had a headache too so it might be that )

    Nervousness? Did i smoke too much? Am i allergic? The tobacco?
  2. I also have some digestive problems
  3. answer'd yer own question there bro
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  4. this variety of allergy does exist but if youve smoked before without this reaction then yer not typically allergic (the exception being hormone based chemical changes that hit a human every 7 years have been known in extremely
    rare cases to trigger the start or end of a/an allergy
    (negativer personal reaction to any hystamine or group there of) )
    but i seent this reaction be just irritation to the soft palate also
    either youll keep smoking and
    you'll acclimate to bein a head
    or youll quit and you wont

  5. Thanks for your answer , it could be the tobacco too tho.
    Do you think that if i keep smoking the threwing up will not be a problem anymore?
  6. yer guts'll tuff'n up dont stress
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  7. The first few cigs i had as a kid made me puke, my votes on the nicotine.
  8. Op. Learn to manage your intake better. You basically binge smoked to joints between 3 people. You probably got WAY to HIGH and had a negative side effect. Overindulgence does that.
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  9. As a rule, i find smoking weed as an actual 'activity' such as smoking 3 back to back joints with your buddy or doing bong rips for a couple minutes or even doing hot knives or blades to be kinda devoid of purpose. When i smoke, i just usually take a hit or two and thats my session.

    Smoking weed as an activity will honestly just go on until you either run out of weed or somebody pukes. Me and my homie were even going bag for bag on his volcano and it caused me to puke after a bit, never thought id throw up from a vape.

    Yeah, before you get high, figure out what you wanna do. When your high and in the wrong state of mind, it is super easy to find yourself in a bad situation without being aware of it. Just smoke and move on.
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  10. Hey now, I'm not a newb. But if I go a little too far ingoing all out. I do puke occasionally. Doesn't happen often but when it does it's a little bit. Just depends on who you are. Know your limits man, you may have just did too much at one time.

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  11. Its just the rush of THC hitting you,,, I sometimes feel it after a big dab of concentrate..
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  12. Dabs are way yyyy different than a joint lol
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  13. I'm there with you. I can tell the first hit, if two will be enough. Of course I smoke alone 99% of the time.
  14. Never happend to me maybe if you haven't ate you go light headed which caused it

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  15. My friend used to throw up if he smoked quite and bit, then procced to have alot of sugar. Just a thought.

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  16. Where I'm from that's called a whitey. Jus take it easy bro u mite be smokin to much used to happen to me when I started smokin. 12 years later I'm still going strong. Growing now too

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  17. It's the fact that tobacco is mixed with the weed, when we first started off my mates would mix tobacco in the joint and when they'd smoke too much they would throw up, it never happens with pure joints
  18. They just dont make people like they used to, this generation is so frail.
    Every other post here is 'Ooh i smoked this one time and now yadda yadda yadda what do?'

    Yeah, chances are you don't react well to tobacco like alot of noobs, for some raisin.
    I know people who turn down blunts because the wrap will make them vomit, I know people who get sick at the smell of cigarettes.
    Also, a common reason for yacking while smoking is just taking too big of a hit.

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