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What are the real negative side effects

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Dankness420, May 24, 2010.

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    sources plz
    If laughing kills brain cells then it's not even worth mentioning. Also, pot doesn't kill brain cells.
    Possibly only while intoxicated, but even then I have had the opposite effect.
  2. the only study conducted like that that i've found is the monkey one... which doesn't prove anything one way or another... except that gas-masking a monkey is probably a bad idea :/
  3. niggur
  4. Smoking pot does not (and cannot) give you cancer. 1) there have been no deaths related to the use of marijuana (including cancer) 2) Two reasons smoking cigarettes gives you cancer are, 1: because when it reacts with the walls of your lungs, it forms CO among other carcinogens, and 2: because there are elements in cigarettes that are radioactive (the atoms are literally so large, that when subjected to enough energy, break apart, creating tiny nuclear explosions of one atom each). Several thousand such explosions happen with each breath of cigarette smoke that radiate nuclear energy, which gives you cancer. No such elements are in any part of the marijuana plant, unless you are using some crazy-ass nuclear pesticide.

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