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What are the real negative side effects

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Dankness420, May 24, 2010.

  1. A depressant doesnt enhance depression or whatever you said it cause the central nervous system to become slowed downed. The government doesnt call marijuana a depressant, its a hallucinogen. Learn more about it before you say stuff your not sure about.

    OP I think it will cause some lung damage and that really all i think there is im sure there are other but all i think is some lung damage could happen.

  2. Smoking weed doesn't dehydrate you in the sense that it's talking about. Cotton mouth is one of the first potential signs of dehydration, but there's still a long ways to go before it's potentially damaging in any way.

    Cannabis doesn't make me anxious either. And I stand by the idea that if someone receives increased anxiety from cannabis use, then maybe they need to rethink what they're doing. Just my opinion.
  3. i see what you're saying.. i usually don't get anxiety if i'm by myself, but if i'm in a situation that seems sketch or something, then i will get a little bit anxious/nervous.. it's just natural and i'm sure it happens to alot of people.

    i didn't really mean to point out those 2 specific side effects, i was just naming them off the top of my head.. things like eating junk food, drinking too much water, and lack of quality sleep are things that alot of tokers experience. i myself eat a ton of junk food, drink a ton of water, and usually stay awake longer just so i can smoke more weed.. i'm sure that every toker experiences atleast one of those side effects, so in a way smoking marijuana will kill brain cells for pretty much every smoker.
  4. I'm going to look up what exactly causes smoking cigs to kill braincells, but I'll bet it's along the lines of what I've beet hitting at.....

    Which, would be, smoke period deprives oxygen to the brain and thus, cells are lost.
  5. It's not. Notice the part where it says it stops production of brain cells.

    Marijuana, once again, promotes neurogenesis.
  6. Even if the plant itself promotes neurogenesis, you are completely failing at grasping the concept I'm trying to get across. Smoke. Let's change it from pot, to smoke. It's completely possible for THC to stimulate cell growth, while lack of air (method of ingestion) kills other cells.
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    If smoking cigarettes STOPS the production of new brain cells (neurogenesis)

    And smoking marijuana promotes neurogenesis (the production of brain cells).

    Then it stands to reason that it's smoking cigarettes, and not marijuana, that's causing the damage.

    And there is no lack of air in the system as you are saying. What do you think goes into your lungs when you put that spoon or joint down and you inhale?

    What do you think is pulling all the smoke through the bong into your lungs when you clear?

    You are simply not acknowledging the fact that when you inhale after you take a hit, or when you clear a bong, there is oxygen also going into your lungs. This is NOT suffocating you OR your brain.
  8. *sigh* dude seriously i really feel like you completely don't get what i'm saying...

    Yes, there is oxygen mixed in a little when you clear, but the majority of what you're inhaling, ain't. There is a massive chokehold on what little oxygen you get in your lungs, being choked out by smoke.

    So, say you're smoking alone, power chiefing... Sometimes when I smoke I don't even take a second to get a breath of air before the next rip, not intentional, just habit. You're telling me that during that 15 minutes of bowl, you haven't been severely deprived of oxygen?

    There's a lot of uber harmful shit in tobacco, granted, and you probably kill more braincells smoking a cig than a bowl, but I don't see how it'd be possible to *smoke* and *not* kill a few cells. Again, probably never enough to notice. And if MJ promotes cell growth, definatley not enough to care.

    As for looking up cigs and brain cells, the study was based on some rats they injected with nicotine. So, no actual study of the smoke I don't believe. As for the monkey testing, that's fucked up, but to say smoking pot kills braincells is a myth just because that test was done isn't very thoughtful to do, not saying you're doing that, just saying from a bit of research the general rebuttal to the "myth" is "they proved that by suffocating monkeys".

    Keep in mind there's a lot of testing that hasn't been done on cannabis. And I found more opinion than anything in regards to whether or not smoking killed braincells. Debatable, but definatley possible, probably probable, and definatley worth more of a glance than "No can't happen".
  9. You obviously underestimate the volume of oxygen you inhale when you clear a bong or inhale after a hit.
  10. I didn't actually read your post but the reason why holding you breath and hold a hit feels different is because when you hold your breath you inhale before doing so, this means there is oxygen in your lung so your body doesn't react the same way. And either way your still making assumption based on what you think is happening, kind of like how people used to think everything revolved around the earth because thats what looked like it was happening. But no matter how you spin it, it takes 4 minutes of being deprived of oxygen before cells begin to die, regardless of whether or not you inhaled smoke before hand.

  11. you should really read my post.

    and... yes, your body does react differently when smoke is inhaled, i think that's what I was getting at....
  12. Apparently, but I know it ain't no fresh air, which is what I breathe 90% of the time :)
  13. I did, it was pretty much what i assumed it would say (at least the same general ideas). Your body does react differently when smoke is inhaled but it doesn't some how make brain cells die faster without oxygen.
  14. Ok, so I understand the concept of the 4 minute rule, but when smoking, I don't think it's so black and white... Because, you're cutting down the levels of oxygen you're inhaling and replacing it with thick ol smoke, sometimes for hours. That + hazy room? I don't see how the amount of oxygen lost wouldn't cause some cell loss.
  15. I could see it being a possibility if your were baking a smaller room for hours but if your in an open room and as long as your taking a couple breaths in between hits i doubt you would see cell death.
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    bro i said this on page 1, marijuana does NOT kill brain cells.

    do you even know how much oxygen is in our atmosphere its not even majority, its something like 78% nitrogen 20% oxygen and the rest of the air is composed of fractions of those 2 numbers.

    so again, you do NOT kill brain cells smoking marijuana. you would need to take a hit of pure smoke and hold it for over 4 and a half minutes every single time. are you doing that? is anyone?

    do you understand that when a room is deprived of oxygen you die a short while after? so your little scenario is near impossible.
  17. Thank you, all I wanted was an "it's possible", i don't fully agree on the circumstances, but thank you :hello:

    And again, everyone smokes differently, if you're taking massive hits and / or not really breathing between them, you'd be more prone to cell loss.
  18. read post above and leave thread. 7 pages of bullshit is enough.
  19. bro, I don't have to take your word for it, I'm an independent thinker, and if you wanna get technical with the atmosphere and whatnot, replace the word "oxygen" in my posts with "air".

    And furthermore, if you bothered to read any of my posts I've stated numerous times, I'm talking about SMOKING Marijuanna, not Marijuanna, so straighten them facts up brah :bongin:
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    you are being ignorant.

    marijuana is the flower part of the cannabis plant, the stuff you smoke?

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