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What are the real negative side effects

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Dankness420, May 24, 2010.

  1. No, on second thought I'll leave you with a repeat of what the fuck I said. Copied and pasted so you don't get a repeat of what you read.

    Holding breath is different than taking a hit. Especially out of a bong or a grav, or whatever else may get you a fuckton of smoke.

    Here's a bong hit: (keep in mind, everyone is different)

    First, you exhale and let most of your oxygen out.

    Then you spend anywhere 1 to 7 seconds milking the bong (still no oxygen)

    Then you spend about 2 seconds clearing the bong. (filling lungs with smoke, maybe a little tiny bit of oxygen)

    And holding the hit, is different for everyone. Some people hold it forever, some people just a few seconds.

    Now, when I get a good, ridiculous hit, I feel the pressure in my head, in my neck, in my eyes; blood is pumping hard to the head, notable by the visible veins in my neck, which implies, to what logic I have thus far in life, my brain isn't getting oxygen and it's going 'WHAT THE FUCK WHERES THE AIR!? THERES JUST A SHITTON OF SMOKE IN HERE! QUICK, BLOODSTREAM, GET SOME OXYGEN UP IN THIS PLACE, WE ALL GON' DIE! THIS DICKHEAD IS SMOTHERING HIMSELF!"

    This doesn't happen so much when I just hold my breath. I think it has something to do with your brain thinking you're naturally inhaling, only to be given a bunch of oxygen deprived smoke.

    If you smoke a lot in a day / sitting, you'll get headaches. Is if from lack of oxygen? Probably. That's what a hangover is. What does lack of oxygen imply? Hm...

    ^^^^^^ Take more than two seconds to read what the hell I said, and tell me it doesn't make sense. Do you know anything about bodily function?
  2. Im sorry but your logic has been failing this whole time and no marijuana doesn't cause brain cells to die.
  3. again never said MJ causes brain cells to die, the method of consumption can cause brain cells to die.

    and btw, Unwise, I'm not talking brain damage i'm talking cell loss. there's a difference. practically anything will cause you to lose brain cells, it's not that uncommon of a thing to happen.
  4. Lol, okay, kid. You asked for it.

    Different how? There's particulates in smoke that can damage your lungs, but that's the extent of it.

    So a max of 15 seconds as opposed to the established 4 minute time frame.

    That's because THC raises your heart rate. A well known scientific fact.

    Because you're not absorbing THC when you hold your breath. And it's not oxygen deprived smoke. Do you know what inhaling does? It adds oxygen to the smoke mix.

    I dont get headaches unless I smoke low quality weed. And it's already established that a hangover isn't a lack of oxygen to the brain. It's not even a theorized idea. And lack of oxygen to the brain doesn't imply anything until the already well-established 4 minute time frame.

    I took the time and murdered every last one of your arguments. Now, go on and tell me more about how harmful the DARE program told you weed was.
  5. #65 David5534, May 24, 2010
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    Those links are to study's of people who use marijuana, im sure some of them eat or vape it but the majority smokes it and to repeat whats been said countless times brain cells need to be to be deprived of oxygen for about 4 minutes before they begin to die.

    Definition of brain damage: Brain damage, or acquired brain injury, is the destruction or degeneration of brain cells.

    While some brain cells do die on their own its at an extremely low rate.

    Also to answer the original question marijuana causes a decrease in blood pressure which in turn causes your heart rate to increase. With really heavy use it can cause dependency, similar to if you ate fast food for lunch every day for months but its nothing like real drugs.

  6. 1, Different in that you are inhaling a bunch of smoke, not holding your breath. You go without oxygen longer than you think if you count more than just the holding period. Besides that, after a whole bowl pack those seconds add up. So, it's not consecutive, but especially if you're smoking quickly/alone it adds up. Inhaling ANYTHING besides air creates a lack of oxygen in the brain, that has to build back up, it's not like you take a breath of fresh air and you're healed instantly.


    3, increased heart rate induced by THC causes, when taking a hit only, the veins on the front of my neck to bug out and my face to turn red? Yeah. I don't think so.

    4, adds a little oxygen to that huge milkshot of smoke.

    5, try taking one day, and just baking the fuck out all goddamned day. tell me you don't get a headache. it happens if you chain smoke cigs too.


  7. I stay baked out all day very regularly.

    Your arguments are all clearly wrong.
  8. #68 DarthBizzle, May 24, 2010
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    so, you've taken a day and cheifed down a bowl or bong at least like once an hour all day? And you didn't get a headache?

    And again, "disprove" them, so I can rebuttal again, please.

    Cause totally man, I hate the ganj and I'm trying to let everyone know how horrible it is, because DARE told me to. By saying you might lose a couple braincells smoking... Completely disregard I say that it's a negligible amount, and the fact that I smoke the reefer on an about daily basis.

    Yeah, fuck that weed shit... Nothin but trouble :rolleyes:
  9. Why does that seem unreasonable that I've baked all day and never walked away with a headache?

    I had a little over an 8 of Blue Dream (4gs), and spent one day from wake to sleep smoking a bowl at least every hour.
  10. I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm speaking from experience. Sometimes when I smoke a shitton in a day, every time I take a hit I get a very sharp pain in the back of my head on each inhale. It's rare but it happens. I personally think it's a sign that I've way overdone it and am probably doing some damage.

    i'm not bashing weed, I would never do that, I'm just saying there's a lot of pro-cannabis propaganda, just like DARE but opposite. Don't believe everything you read, even if it comes from "scientists", because most everyone has their own interests at hand.
  11. I know plenty about pro-cannabis propaganda, too. But the brain cell myth isn't propaganda. It 100% stems from a study they did where they basically suffocated monkeys with smoke through masks for 5 minutes a day every day.

    Cannabis has its drawbacks. But they can be minimized and what can't is harmless in moderation anyway.
  12. So I have a question for everbody... Except the part in the union where they explain how the study to prove that marijuana was killing brain cells used monkeys and pumped them full of thc... does anybody have any other reason why they believe that thc dosnt kill brain cells? Cause I hate propanganda just as much as anybody else but it goes both ways so you sometimes have to use common sense...

  13. You can't ask for proof that something doesn't do something. But there's nothing to suggest that smoking marijuana kills brain cells, at all.
  14. Here are some studys of people who heavily use marijuana with no change to the brain at all.
  15. it clearly kills some brain cells, your simply in denial if you arguing against it.stop showing me what wiki has to say on their scientific research!if your smokin weed daily.YOUR MISSIN SOME BRAINCELLS DUDE.god dam i think it killed so many u guys really think weed isnt bad for your health !
  16. Failtroll. :wave:
  17. Reminds me of a funny video...
    [ame=]YouTube - Internet Bridge Troll[/ame]
  18. 50 Things That Kill Brain Cells

    5) Rapidly shaking your head – Rapidly shaking your head around back and forth causes axons to tear, which causes brain cell death. A very easy way to prevent brain cell loss is by NOT shaking your head. You have complete control over the shaking of your head; don’t do it!

    6) Eating junk food — What happens to your brain cells when they aren’t provided with the healthy nutrients they need to survive? They starve and die! A little bit of junk food won’t hurt, but unhealthy food on a consistent basis without any healthy food will cause brain cells to die. Again, you have complete control over what you choose to eat. Pick healthy foods and give your brains the adequate nutrients that they need to flourish.

    9) Dehydration – Without sufficient levels of water in the brain, ions get disrupted and the result is brain damage. Replenish your body and brain with necessary water levels to avoid dehydration and keep your brain cells healthy.

    13) Avoiding exercise — The act of avoiding exercise doesn’t kill brain cells, however, the effects that are associated with lack of exercise happen to be killers. Exercise reduces stress levels, chance of brain damage, and even creates new brain cells. If you are avoiding exercise, you happen to be setting your brain cells up for an early death. Make time in your schedule to exercise and reap the benefits; exercise should never be avoided.

    14) Sensory deprivation – We know from my “hearing voices” article that sensory deprivation may cause you to have auditory hallucinations. When your brain undergoes sensory deprivation for longer periods of time, you lose brain cells. When cells are not stimulated for long periods of time, your brain reorganizes itself; you naturally lose the unused, understimulated cells.

    16) Drinking too much water — The act of drinking too much water in too short of time period will actually flood your nervous system and kill off brain cells. How exactly does this work? When the ratio of water to sodium escalates, your brain swells and brain cells die in the process. Individuals on low-sodium diets may be especially vulnerable to “water toxicity.” It is important to stay hydrated, but be reasonable; you know what’s right for your body. Don’t go overboard and kill off your brain cells!

    17) Being a chronic negative thinker — The act of simply thinking negative will not cause any sort of brain cell loss. Most people have negative thoughts that creep in their consciousness from time to time. It is when the negative thinking takes over, gets “out of line” and causes stress, and you to make unwise decisions such as taking drugs like Ecstacy to improve your mood at the club when you are probably losing brain cells. The side-effects and byproducts from negative thoughts are what make you more likely to engage in activities that kill brain cells. Negative thinking is an indirect killer; surround yourself with positivity and a healthy circle of friends!

    22) A single stressful event — Yes, you read correct — just ONE stressful event has the potential to kill off brain cells. If you live in a high-stress environment, are always on the go, and never take time to just chill, your mind is most likely overactive and you are losing brain cells. If you know that you will be exposed to stressful events, I recommend learning stress coping methods like meditation, deep breathing, guided imagery, yoga, etc. There are many things you can do to lower your stress response to hectic events.

    23) Smoking cigarettes — The act of smoking cigarettes is not only detrimental to your physical health — it could be taking a heavy toll on your mental health. The fact is, scientists have found that “smoking” kills brain cells and stops the production of new brain cells (neurogenesis). If you are a smoker, work hard to kick the habit. If you are smoke-free, stay that way and encourage smokers to quit.

    25) Extreme anxiety and panic — Anxiety and panic in extreme situations will definitely provoke feelings of stress, release cortisol, and will kill your brain cells in severe forms. Light and moderate forms of anxiety and panic may feel uncomfortable, but will probably not damage your brain. Learning valuable coping techniques by visiting a psychotherapist, using relaxation techniques consistently, and considering medication are all things that will stop you from losing brain cells from anxiety and panic.

    26) Food additives — Food additives contain a group of compounds commonly referred to as “exotoxins,” which slow and destroy cognitive development in the brain. “Exotoxins” are not just present in a few foods, they are present in virtually ALL processed foods. To avoid future health problems and keep a healthy brain, your best bet is to eat healthy, non-processed foods.

    31) Carbon monoxide poisoning — Yes carbon monoxide itself can kill brain cells, but the reason brain cells die in carbon monoxide poisoning is mostly due to the fact that inadequate amounts of oxygen get to the brain. To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, take necessary household precautions such as installing a detector and check for burning.

    37) Indoor air pollution — Indoor air pollution affects the spinal cord, kidneys, blood cells, central nervous system, and the brain. Depending on the type of indoor air pollution, effects can range from being unnoticeable to causing brain cell loss. It is important to keep the air inside of your home and business clean and safe to breathe. Don’t underestimate the potential of indoor air pollution to be detrimental to the health of your body and mind!

    38) Lack of quality sleep — We all know that when we don’t get enough sleep, we cannot properly function the next day! Not only does lack of quality sleep interfere with learning and social functions (left-hemisphere), it does kill brain cells. In order to prevent brain cell loss from lack of sleep, it is recommended to get good quality sleep. Some people run effectively on just 6 hours of sleep, while some need 9 to keep a clear head. You be the judge of what works best for your body and brain!

    42) Outdoor air pollution – Like indoor air pollution, outdoor air pollution can have terrible side-effects. Places like Mexico City have so much air pollution that many citizens chose to wear masks and filters to protect themselves. Depending on the type and severity of the air pollution, you can potentially lose a lot of brain tissue. Chemical gases build up quickly and mix with each other, those gases get trapped in the environment, people inhale the gases, and brain damage / cell loss is a result.

    Kill Brain Cells - 50 Things That Endanger the Brain | 4 Mind 4 Life - New Brain Power Info.

    I mean so many things have an impact on the brain that its impossible to rule out that marijuana does do some damage... even if its minimal and i mean.. maybe your right in saying there is nothing in marijuana that can be directly linked to brain cells dying but certainly you must agree that almost anything you do after smoking will lol hence number 37 and 42

  19. Scientists have done tests that show that cannabis use actually promotes neurogenesis.

  20. i think what he was trying to say is that although cannabis ITSELF does not kill brain cells, you are still killing brain cells by the side effects of smoking weed (dehydration, anxiety, etc.)

    this whole brain cell argument will never end because you can look at it two ways.. sure weed in itself won't kill braincells, but the things that happen when you smoke weed DO. and like Unwise stated, cannabis promotes neurogenesis but in the long run i think the loss of brain cells from side effects outweigh the 'gain' of brain cells from cannabis.

    on top of that.... i truly do believe that bud has killed my memory. i have always had a fairly bad memory, but the more i smoke weed the worse it gets.. so i guess i'd consider that a negative effect

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