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What are the real negative side effects

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Dankness420, May 24, 2010.

  1. the side effects i've read from people like beyoundinfinite are complete ass.

    those only exist because you as a person let them exist. they are not a direct consequence of weed but of the decisions made out of your free will.

    OSG has said it many times before and i'm gonna say it again.

    Don't let cannabis control your life. Make it your bitch, not the other way around.

    not to say there aren't side effects though. cannabis affects melatonin, making it harder to fall asleep without smoking before bed. It also effects hunger. People can lose their appetite on a daily basis from heavy use. And if used before the age of 16 it can increase the likelyhood you'll develop schizophrenia, but only in those already predisposed to it.

    Then theres the effects from smoke in general, butane, tobacco (in the case of a spliff), and a few other effects from cannabis i don't have on the top of my head.

    However, take one look at the MMJ section of this site and check out grannystormcrow's threads and you'll see how outrageously the benefits outweigh the negative effects.
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    Guys I think we have to be a little more honest here. I mean weed is the bomb, dont get me wrong, but its still a mind altering substance. Yes you can get addicted to almost anything these days but come on... Being high is the best and when you cant get high its blows chunks so yea it does depend on the person and the ``willpower`` of the person but its still much more likely to happen with marijuana then alot of other stuff.

    And with the whole it dosnt kill brain cells.. knocking your head kills brain cells, liquor kills brain cells so inhaling smoke must have an affect on the brain cells

    Oh and i was under the impressions that a spliff was weed and tobacco rolled together....
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    Couple things,

    1. it'd be nice to hear somebody admit that smoking pot kills braincells... Because deprivation of oxygen, leads to dead brain cells. Not that many, mind you, and probably never enough to notice, but it does happen ;p

    2. sorry brah, i've always heard a spliff as being a joint rolled with tobacco... Kind of a j-cig half-n-half hybrid... i've never heard of any blunt ever having tobacco in it, unless you count the paper on some...
  4. yeah if your taking 5 minute hits.:poke::bongin:

  5. :rolleyes:

    Smoking weed does not kill brain cells. This is a myth perpetuated by a rigged study done in the 40s on monkeys that were essentially suffocated for 5 minutes at a time. You don't even have to be concerned about permanent brain damage until your brains been suffocated for at least 4 minutes.

    Get off the failboat. Marijuana promotes neurogenesis.

  6. I'm no scientist, but what if seasoned tokers' brains have 'evolved' into accepting THC as it does oxygen??? Lol, jk but whether it does or doesnt - Those cells would've just been used as a tool by babylon to brainwash me even further lol :wave:

    As for the spliffs, well if you go to parts of Europe, then yes some people mix tobacco in to what they call spliffs... But I can assure you that when Marley asked to be excused while he "lights his spliff", he CERTAINLY wasn't speaking of a tobacco-laced one. :hello:

    & yes, blunt warps do contain nicotine.

  7. ^ This!!!!

    & it also promotes autophagy!
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    lol i'm not gonna argue with you guys over whether or not smoke kills braincells, because there is an armada of things that kill brain cells, and to say you're majik jane smoke doesn't is cray-zay.

    as I said before, probably won't kill enough to ever ever notice (I.E., permanent brain damage, as you put it), but it happens. Get off the defenceboat.
  9. #29 Unwise, May 24, 2010
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    Then you're foolish for not even having the foresight to type "does smoking marijuana kill brain cells" into google and finding an ARMADA of studies showing that it doesn't at all.


    This post doesn't come close to living up to your potential bro, in the future please report posts instead of joining in and making the situation worse as a result. ~AK~

    Kill the ignorance people. Get educated. Don't end up like this guy.
  10. ive been smoking kind bud for 2 consecutive years and not once has it taken time from me being happy. it does make me feel a little drained but a few days without it clears that up. i just dont see how its "childish" but i guess everyone has different outlooks on it.
  11. Not trying to be a dick but I don't want you to mis-inform. Cannabis does NOT kill brain cells. It does raise estrogen levels in males over long term use and it surely effects your lungs but thats about it. It does NOT kill sperm either.

    You make it sound kind of harsh, but yes if you are a typical unemployed or minimum wage working teenager it is a tough 'habit' to support. If you have a real job or have managed your money you can still easily support it. $60 a week is about average for an every day user if you ask me, and that's really nothing even working under 20 hours a week at $7.40 an hour.

    Smoking every day will also change you significantly and can lead to psychological withdrawals (frustration, bitterness, loneliness, minor depression, increased anxiety). Not fun at all, which is why you shouldn't be high 24/7.

    It is not a gateway. Depends entirely on the individual. If you had a fucked up life, sorry to say chances are you are going to do weed and then probably coke, meth, heroin, who knows what. But just because you did weed at 14 doesn't make it a gateway. Its more like a stepping stone for people with severe depression or psychosis due to emotional harm.

    I would say alcohol is 10x the gateway weed is, after alcohol you want to smoke and maybe even do coke, takes away your inhibitions a lot more than weed does, and it takes longer for a user to build up a tolerance to where they can control their 'urges'.

    Its not great on your lungs, but it causes no serious long term damage (decade long smokers report only a 2-4% decrease in overall lung capacity compared to the standard capacity).

    My 2 cents.
  12. Ghosting the hit is unhealthy because it allows smoke particles to settle in your lungs. Not because you're killing brain cells. Nothing you're saying is even remotely true.

    And seriously, can we get some new people in here that don't resort to childish insults at the onset of a discussion? Preferably educated ones so they're not trying to say weed kills brain cells in the seasoned tokers section.
  13. #33 DarthBizzle, May 24, 2010
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    because calling me foolish and ignorant isn't an insult. and i was totally the one who snapped off first.

    get on some meds, i don't like dealing with people like you.

    And speaking of ignorance, I've said SMOKING pot, and I've said METHOD OF CONSUMPTION, I didn't say weed kills braincells.
  14. Smoking pot doesn't kill brain cells.

    This doesn't need to be repeated. You're the only one trying to argue that it kills brain cells.

    It's monumentally incorrect.
  15. Whatever, I Might be wrong. I have no problems admitting that. But, I don't think I'm wrong, and I don't want to bother looking it up right now as i have more important shit to do.

    But curb your attitude, and partake in discussion, please. Don't incite shit. That just burns me the wrong way, pretty hard. You're human, just like me, so don't start this petty insulting bullshit.
  16. You repeatedly argued with people considerably more knowledgeable than you on the subject. You refuse to back up your own claims when people provide facts against your case. You become insulting and flaming at the onset of a discussion and I need to curb my attitude? Please.

    You're wrong. Move on. If you want to be taken seriously in a discussion, then act like an adult.
  17. i don't think there are any negative side effects its all bullshit the government has fed people and they mentally think they have those negative effects.
  18. Haha I don't think most stoners have trouble with low blood sugar =P Personally, in regards to the thread topic, I think the pros and cons are all a result of HOW you use. Weed has been a blessing and a curse for me, depending entirely on HOW I use.

    Oh also, I'm pretty positive that the effect on testosterone is either bogus or extremely minor. I'm extremely athletic and have made more gains since i started using than ever before. In addition, my girlfriend and I are very.. Ahem, active. Obviously this isn't scientific research on the matter, but I imagine if it was having a negative effect on my testosterone I would not have experienced these results.
  19. #39 DarthBizzle, May 24, 2010
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    Yea bud, you sure pegg'd me. I was all kindsa insulting at the beginning of this discussion.

    I mean I read the posts I posted, didn't see a single insulting thing till you waltzed up and started with the ignorance bullshit.

    If you're talking about another thread, I'll bet I know which one, and I don't need references to talk about personal experience. I come here to learn about the grass and share what knowledge I have. I also don't think I was insulting there, but it's an in the eye of the beholder thing, i suppose.

    So I reiterate, don't be such a douchebag.

    We're on home turf; educate, not instigate.

    Name-calling isn't allowed at GrassCity, please reread the rules before posting again. ~AK~
  20. Lol I'm waiting for OSG's input on all this... :hello:

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