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What are the REAL long term effects of marijuana usage?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stainer712, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. I'm trying to sort through the utter bullshit that my parents, the government, and the media are indulging to me in regards to the risks of marijuana usage. What better a place to figure out the real risks of marijuana than one where frequent users are at? On to the questions:

    1) What kind of a cognitive impact has marijuana use had on you long term smokers?

    2) Can one make it through college smoking several times a week?

    3) What kind of a physical impact has smoking marijuana had in your life?

    4) Is there anything about marijuana that you wish someone would have told you when you first started smoking?

  2. 1. bad short term memory

    2. yes

    3. im in worse shape than when before i started smoking b/c im to lazy to work out when i toke

    4. dont over do it
  3. 1) It's more difficult to do complex work the next day after a big session, so I've cut down to weekends only.

    2) I guess its possible since people do it, but in all honesty its better to use once in a while rather than all day everyday.

    3) Not much to be honest, I've recently started getting asthma but it might just be coincidence, I'm not sure.

    4) Not really, I knew what I was getting into when I started.

    Basically in my experience, I started off occasionally smoking then went through a phase of smoking everyday, and it makes it impossible to recall what exactly you did after a few days of smoking everyday. I have just recently gone back to smoking occassionally and it has greatly improved the quality of my life, so I'd say it's your best bet. (when I say occassionaly, I'm talking weekends)
  4. If you get to the burn out phase you...

    Think slower
    Bad memory
    Talk slower
  5. I already experience a decrease in mental ability for days after smoking, but it goes away completely after a few days. Just as long as the smoking isn't causing permanent damage i'll be good. When i say long term i mean a time interval that lasts more than just a few days. Overall, has your mental health as a whole declined as a result of your previous years of cannabis use?
  6. People told me it looked like Im losin weight because I usually just eat once a day at night when Im done smokin n shit..

  7. 1. I guess a little short term memory loss, but i never had a great short term memory, honestly dont think weed had anything to do with it, but just letting you know.

    2. Depends on the person, i know people that smoke 5-6 times a day durring school aswell, and get great grades.

    3. Gained a few pounds not more than 5-7

    4. Dont over do it.

  8. Yes, all the bullshit propaganda that the education/government use is a lie.
  9. 1.) My short term is shot to shit, can't remember what someone asked me to do like 5 minutes ago.

    2.) I'm in college, been smoking everyday for two years, and I'm still in it. Just my grades could be a LOT better.

    3.) Physically, I can't breathe for shit doing anything involving a lot of running like soccer or basketball. Stamina is shot. But like I said, heavy everyday smoking cannot help that.

    4.) Nada. I'm glad to have figured it all out on my terms.
  10. all depends on the person...
    I smoked every day, several times a day throughout college and graduated with a 3.7, good enough for latin honors. Make sure your responsible about it though, its very easy to procrastinate when you smoke everyday.
  11. 1. Slight decrease in short term memory, only while under the influence.

    2. I smoke about 3-5 times a day. I am currently enrolled to be a computer/electronics engineer, 3.2 GPA

    3. Slight weight loss, some lethargy, but nothing major. Helps a whole lot with my ADD.

    4. PANIC ATTACKS ARE A COMMON OCCURANCE! Wish someone would have let me know, but I deal with it.
  12. I use to have a really good memory lately ive been smoking like everyday and my shorterm memory has gone to fuck but i know if i stop smoking it will come back.

  13. 1) It really hasn't had much of a cognitive impact. My short term memory is slightly affected when I'm under the influence, but my memory and problem-solving is better than ever when I'm sober.

    2) Yes and no...this really depends on what your major is. I am a jazz performance major, and most of my work revolves around me practicing for 4-8 hours a day. My class days consist of me playing or learning about music all day. I can get away with going stoned to a bunch of these classes, but I know which ones not to go high to. If your major takes more book studying and work, maybe you shouldn't use marijuana that frequently.

    3) Marijuana has had no physical impact on my life. If anything, it has actually cleared up my sinuses.

    4) I have never had a problem that revolved around marijuana, but if there was any advice I could give to a newcomer, it would be to use it in moderation.
  14. i've smoked pretty much everyday for the past year and a half.

    1 I still have the same memory problems i did before i started smoking. they have not gotten worse, but still annoying, and being high makes it more frustrating

    2 i'm in my 2nd year of college as a full time student.

    3 besides making me broke all the time, nope

  15. 1) Um, none really.. maybe short winded but that happens with any type of smoker. Memory is just fine, if not better.

    2) It depends on the type of student you are.

    3) None, except maybe my hight since i started smoking when i was 14..

    4) Not really, when things are illegal its hard to say who's right or wrong on the facts.
  16. I have been smoking for 29 years. everyday the past couple of years.
    1) to function in almost all everyday activities, mj has not affected my cognitive abilities at all. I use to play tournament chess and I would abstain for at least 72 hours before a tournament, otherwise, my game wasn't as good as could be.

    2) mj will definately not inhibit you from finishing college. it will relax you and help you do what you most want to do. if deep down you just want to get comfy on the sofa with a family size bag of doritos, then you'll probably do that. if you are driven to succeed, mj won't stop you.

    3) when smoking, I get the muchies and eat a lot. it hasn't changed my appearance, I don't let it get to out of control. but I guess mj's effect on my apetite would be a physical impact. I smoke tobacco and so I have breathing problems. when I'm able to quit tobacco for at least a week, my breathing improves dramatically, even with increased mj use, believe it or not.

    4) I wish someone would've told me that all the propoganda against mj was all BS. I spent way to long stressing my use of this wonderful plant, seemingly made for humans.

    this can't come any where near conclusive effects of mj, just some people's opinions. there are way to many unknown variables. I disagree that memory is effected by mj. but if people are told something enough, they can start to notice it. it's like a new smoker that thinks he's high when you know he couldn't be by what he/she smoked. I don't wish to offend anyone out there but most of the claimed negative effects of mj out there I attribute to psychosematic symptoms. people believe strongly enough they will experience something, and eventually convince themselves that they are. Since I've finally come to realize all the lies that's been spread by our government about mj, my relationship with her has been magical. removing the stress factor has allowed me to fully enjoy her gifts. did you ever here some of the first lies our government started spreading about this wonderful plant? 1) marijuanna use by a black man will cause him to be unable to keep himself from raping a white woman. 2) use of marijuanna will cause a person to go mad and eventually make them homicidal. no shit, this is from the history channel. peace bro
  17. short term memory, after a real long time maybe mixin up words a lil bit, but fuck short term memory who needs to remember little shit anyways? and yea weeds makes you a little lazy depending on the person but if you smoke about everyday, itll def make you procrastinate and maybe edgy when your not high....
  18. 1) None, I've had a bad memory since I was a child, and pot hasn't made it any worse...

    2) While I don't necessarily smoke several times a week, only about 1 or 2, it's mostly due to a lack of safe places to smoke. If everything goes as good as it is now, I should keep my 4.0 at least until I get into crazy advanced physics and astronomy.

    3) No physical impact, I still sleep just as well as I used to and show no visible signs of change. I've only become less active as I'm more involved in academics now than I was in high school.

    4) It's a lot less harmless than I thought up until my first toke.
  19. should be made a sticky :)
  20. I'm trying to sort through the utter bullshit that my parents, the government, and the media are indulging to me in regards to the risks of marijuana usage. What better a place to figure out the real risks of marijuana than one where frequent users are at? On to the questions:

    1) What kind of a cognitive impact has marijuana use had on you long term smokers?
    I smoked like a chimney for 2 years and during that time couldn't remember much and didn't really care but 2 days after i stopped i was back to where i was before i ever started smoking. It has no long term affects.

    2) Can one make it through college smoking several times a week?
    I smoke a bowl every day after work then chill for a bit then go to work the next morn. If i smoked a shitload every night it would screw me up at work but the way i do it is just like having a beer at the end of a hard day isn't going to bother you. Now if you do retarded shit like smoking 6 bowls then going to take a final yah. It all depends on how many brain cells you start out with ;) little common sense goes a long way.
    Treat it like beer. would you drink a 12 pack then try to go to class or take a final?

    3) What kind of a physical impact has smoking marijuana had in your life?
    After i smoke i no longer hurt like hell? :)

    4) Things i tell new people when they start smoking

    a. Don't be stupid before during or after smoking it. Harmless or not it's illegal and the police HATE stoners with a passion for some reason.
    b. A time and a place for it. you damn well know when it's a bad idea to get high and when it will be fine.
    c. Watch who your friends are. Some people are way to dumb. Lots of people out there will land you in jail because of their own stupidity.
    d. To start out get a nice ccg pipe and a dugout. all you will ever really need.
    e. Dont end up a "omg i can't stop" person. They can stop they just don't really want to so they whine about how much they want to stop all day but never do. Either do it or don't it's that simple.
    f. Watch half baked. It's weed 101.
    Info for mj and all other drugs. Bullshit free and where we all turn when we need some info on a drug.

    If you have any questions on anything feel free to pm me :wave:

    and yes sticky indeed.

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