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What are the prices in your area?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nithorium, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. I was reading a thread yesterday and it was said that an ounce was $100 where the person lived. I find that insane considering where I live it is around $50-60$ for an eighth of decent chronic. It is around $30 for low end Mid and good Mid here can go as chronic($50). I live up in Idaho so by the time grass gets here it is very inflated. A half ounce here goes for $350 and an ounce $600 -$700. I have never seen anything close to Fire up here, Beasting is as high as it gets. I just wanted to know if most other places had low prices or insane prices like where i dwell.
  2. Everyone around the country/ the world for that matter gets different prices. It all depends on the supply and demand, but i think 600-700 for an ounce is too much..I'm sure you can find some better stuff for cheaper just look around.:cool:
  3. im fucking sick of dealers i moved and i cant find a decent price or a legit deal yet wtf why is it so hard
    but to answer you i use to get an ounce of dank that people were calling fluffey for 300 an oz now everything is bs and i cant get a source its always well i can get it for you no bug guys or either no one will tell me any damn
  4. the way to get it cheap is to buy quarter pounds.. you usually can get some nice bud for 400-420, so thats only like 100-105 an oz.
  5. Around here in Tennessee it's like 25 for an eighth of reg and 50 for an eighth of Dro, then there's all this other shit that comes in andout foe different prices. zbut i'm pretty sure that no weed is woth 600-700 an ounce

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