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What are the other natural ways of getting high besides marijuana?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by wxchiga, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. What are the other natural ways of getting high besides marijuana? I had Gin& tonic + lots of chilly today, but before all those, I had milk like one hour ago(so my tummy is still fine). I'm high right now! really high. It's the vitamine + alchohol high, it's not bad I tell ya that. Marijuana high is the best high thou, as I've never ever tried anything else besides weed and alchohol. I'm just wondering is there anythingelse that can get you high other than weed, alchohol and all the other hard drugs? Let's just put aside bananadin and all those bull sh*t first. I just wanna know or have something to learn.
  2. exercising.
  3. Anything that releases endorphins.

    Eating chocolate?

  4. I go to the GYM like once every two days

    it gives me a good mood each time I exercise.
  5. wow man there is like alot of shit you can get "high" with like all the perscription drugs duster like alot of shit get you "high" or what ever your talking about like you can get high off coughf syrope like fucked upp off codeine and promephazene and then add sprite and you got purple drink
  6. Uhhh nutmeg you can smoke, i dunno how you feel about it tho.

    Its not really the best drug ever, and i see no point in smoking it when you can have weed instead, but it'll get you high.

    Other than that i'd probably just stick to the good herb:smoking:
  7. get ahold of some hash!
  8. go to the Casino and win a shit ton of money. Its a great feeling.
  9. I did them all today~!

    I've got some japanese friend brought me some tasty Jap chocolate, and I did like 100 push ups and I had sex with my GF and I had like alchohol and chilly. what else?

    Anyways I could guess why I'm so happy and high right now.
  10. What are you talking about? sounds stressed
  11. I know how it feels, but than my family have a hobit of gambling, I'd rather not going.

  12. I smoke... i'm trying to quite thou...
  13. I smoke weed. that means I smoke all kind of weed. that include hash, dirt, bubble hash, herbs and any other weed in all forms and ways to smoke.
  14. Theres loads of natural highs. Mushrooms being one however they are a completely different walk in the park. DMT also is natural.
    What kind of a high are you going for?
    Or is it anything....
  15. i'm fucking lost
  16. Anything besides anything addictive. I'm having a hard time of getting weed, so I just wanna get high. Like the towel in south park.
  17. You can't smoke nutmeg and get high... only eat it :confused:
  18. Not true. You can smoke it. It takes a really long time to kick in and it can be a really shitty high. But you can smoke it.

    I'd just feel really weird loading up a fat bowl of nutmeg...bahahah
  19. #19 wxchiga, Mar 21, 2009
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    It sounds weird thou, I mean... it's wood! it'll be like burning wood!

    I mean f*ck! I'll just eat chips than!!! it gives me a satisfaction anyways...

  20. What do you call addictive? I mean any drug can be addictive.
    Psychedelics are genuily unaddictive however i'm not sure its the kind of high your looking for.

    Have an energy drink.

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