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What are the odds...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by pinkpankpunk, May 24, 2010.

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  2. the trees will get you back for snaping thier spawn lol. you mite lean somthing from these pics. no realy why would you break stick after smoking could you 2 have just sat on a rock and talked (no homo) it would be better than snaping sticks. but hey what ever give you joy who am i to judge

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  3. Don't Worry Were Not All The Same. No One Even Did The Thread , Wtf? .... So Like A Few Dayz Ago I Had A Session (I Was Already High Before The Session) And I Packed The Bong. Blazed 3 Bowlz Of Some Regulars. So When I Hit The Bong I Noticed The Hitz Were Harsh But When I Waz Putting The Stash Away I Noticed I Didn't Empty The Water Out Of The Bong And Remembered Thatz What I Do Righ Before I Put The Stuff Away So I Snickered At The Fact That I Had Hit My Bong Without Water, Whick Explained The Harsh Hitz. I Like Zeroing Hitz.I Feel 'High' When Im In The Zone Hitting Mary Till You Feel Your Lungz Tingling With Euphoria Thx To The Mary. SO ANYWAYZ, I Waz Higher So I Thought fuck it. Oh and btw i broke sticks before while high cuz they called my mom on the phone and she was outside so i gave her the phone and on the way back i stomped on a ffew.
  4. Odds of happening, 50:50. Either it does or it doesn't.

  5. Don't worry I know lots of people who do it while out in the woods. Heck when I'm sitting on grass the only thing I do is slowly rip it all up... :smoke:

  6. How is this stick breaking game played, and what exactly are you hitting the sticks with?

    Are you hitting them with other sticks? smaller sticks?

    Who wins, the guy that breaks the biggest stick, or the smallest stick? Is it who makes the loudest sound?

    Is it a Scottish game where you say something nobody can decipher, and then head butt the stick?

    Is it like that English game Conkers, but instead of nuts on the end of string, your holding sticks on the end of strings, and hitting them with other sticks on string?

    Is it a Karate game? and your karate chopping wood?

    Are you simply walking around in the woods, flexing a stick between your hands, until it breaks and throws splinters into your face? (serious business, wear safety glass's)

    I NEED TO KNOW :confused:
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  8. y did u capitalize the first letter of every word:confused::smoke:

  9. Nah, its actually picking up the biggest and strongest stick you can find, and smashing it against a tree, and its just awesome. It gives me an adrenaline rush and all my friends agree. Also jesus some of those games you listed sound like they hurt.

  10. This.
  11. Dude I definitely do that. Man some types of wood, not sure of the names, are really fucking hard to break. I did this a lot more when i was younger. It was almost like a competition on who could break the biggest strongest stick,but i'm with ya on blazing in the woods it's amazing.
  12. i have an obsession with burning things when im high

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