what are the levels of users of GC?

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  1. what are the levels and how are they based? Is a "registered member" one who got 1000 posts? I think I got active member after 250, but what is the order of "membership" from new user to old school?
  2. the member titles don't really mean anything, you can set it to what ever like you like by going to personal details. the gold silver and bronze tiles are reserved for people who have donated to the city, and old school is for people who have been on the city for a long time, and are in good standing.

    as far as how the member titles increase over time im not really sure how exactly they add up but since you can set it how ever you like it doesn't really matter
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  3. I'm probably wrong, but I don't think there is much after Active Member.

    That title can be changed into whatever you'd like, like how I have mine.
    Just click the arrow under your profile name on the top right of the GC page and click "Personal Details"

    From there, you can change your title.
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  4. for example my level is my name
  5. Pretty sure there is a post count requirement for a custom title...at least there used to be...

    Personally...I have no idea what the user titles are, or their post count requirement...I joined back in the vB days, and things were a lot different...
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