what are the green dots near our screen name?

Discussion in 'General' started by thecotter, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. what are the green dots neer our screen name....and why is mine red?
  2. reputation!

    you were probably bad recently so a mod gave you minus rep

  3. i thought you must be new to the site since u didnt kno wut they are...but i see you have at least 60 posts...

    those green dots are sort of reputation "points"

    other members can give you "positive" + rep points or "negative" - rep points
    they give you +rep if you do somethin they like or -neg rep if you do somethin they dont like

    yours is red becuz someone gave u negative rep

    if you wanna see why you got negative rep click "User CP" and it shood be rite at the bottom of the right column

    if you wanna find out more type in REP or REPUTATION in the search bar
  4. thx guys...dont know wat ive done bad:eek::(:confused:
  5. lol i know...i got the red apparently because i said i didnt like XTC
  6. It represents how large your e-penis is. At least thats what I thought?

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