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what are the funnest thing to do when ur high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grandaddyganja, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. what are the funnest thing to do when ur high?
    besides eating

    let me kno i wanna widen my horizens lol
  2. play video games, basketball, swim, skateboard, watch movies, hang out with friends, jack off, browse grasscity, smoke more pot, etc. :)
  3. have rap battle with your friends, walk around public with red eyes and staring straight at them, or play invisible basket ball (throw an invisible basketball and pretend)

    or do the make everything quiet and do the box trick over your friends head so your friend thinks he's deaf, respectfully
  4. I like to work on my grammar.
  5. sooo true. hahah
  6. Just do what you normal do, with out endangering others. Hang out chill with friends enjoy life. being High is a gift best shared with friends, just have fun. O and listen to some Pink Floyd.

    -AK Ninja
  7. Listen to music, read, watch movies/tv shows, go on grasscity and post in the forum. Smoke more bud
  8. Dude.
    1 Play Super smash brothers.
    2 Watch any gay ass movie. Or a really fun movie.
    3 Watch youtube videos.
    or just listen to music and talk to people.
  9. yeah swim, have sex, and i really like to swing my friends got this like swing you jump out of a tree on and you swing in circles i close my eyes and its the collest shit ever. Water parks are the shit when your high.
  10. Well when I'm high nothing's funner to do nothing.
  11. Go to an amusement/theme park.
  12. kill 8 people and hide their bodies in your neighbors yard.
  13. Try to read a book
  14. I call my gf to come smoke and we fuck really long time, i think like 3-4 times per session.
  15. going on nature walks blazed is awesome.
  16. im a big fan of beat boxing and playing hacky sack while high or drunk both are a good time
  17. i am the hack sack hero
  18. play mothman. Everyone makes out a character and one person is the narrator. After 2 mins you switch narrator. Last night i was Mini Mouse and the first story i had to crawl around on the floor screaming cheese while the other guys were looking for a magic ring


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