What are the first things you, personally, notice that tell you you're going to get mildly high?

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  1. I'd classify myself as an apprentice toker, as, I've only been to a state with legal weed twice, but, I was high the whole time :) When I smoke or consume cannabis, I know it's starting to "work" if the following happens :

    I first notice that something just doesn't "seem right" with reality or my senses. Next, I start to feel an out-of-reality 3rd person hovering over my body sensation. I then start to experience a little of what you might call "dizziness", although, it feels more like "walking on air" to me and doesn't cause vertigo or make me feel sick. I next start to experience a little bit of a panicky sensation with an increased heart rate and blood pressure, sometimes causing pressure in my sinus areas. Then, the shit starts :D I start to notice that my ultra-short-term memory is going to shit and this is when I'm baked :D I'll forget what the hell I was doing every few seconds. HA! :D

    So, what do you usually feel that indicates that you're getting mildly to moderately high?

    Amator Herbae
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  2. People telling me "To Shut The Fuck Up"! ...lol true
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  3. All I need is product n my hand n I know I’ll get there. I treat weed like a stiff drink it don’t leave my hand till it’s gone.
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  4. Do most people not feel the effect immediately after the first hit or two? And, different types of weed produce very different effects. Maybe I don't understand the question.

    Were you mildly to moderately high when you made this post? :love-m3j:
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  5. It depends on the person, the cannabis strain and the amount of psychoactive compounds. What I am asking is, given your "usual" marijuana regimen, what types of physical and mental changes do you notice that indicate that the amount of weed you've ingested or inhaled was enough to put you on a path to a mild to moderate high :)

    Yes, but my question concerns the more general things associated with THC. Given someone who uses the same type of weed or similar type of weed, my question is just what does that person first notice that tells them that the product is "working" :) I'm not talking about balls-to-the-wall total baking, but just mild highs :)

    I wish I were :)

    Amator Herbae
  6. The very first thing I notice is my boredom going away.
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  7. Recently I have been on a shatter kick and I have to say, there is quite a spectrum of potency that exists... So I like the first rip out of a new bag, because you always have that wonder if you are going to get blasted or just a lil' roasted.

    For me, I always have a task planned out before I get high, so that I get high and then start completing the task, usually one I enjoy a lot like writing or something, but if I get super high, I will put the MJ down and start getting my activity or task all ready and perfect... Gotta have a drink and a snack nearby, gotta change into some comfortable clothes, everything has to be perfect when I get blasted and once it is all perfect, I take one more rip for good measure and complete the task, often crossing over into a state of semi-functionality/consciousness once I take that last rip.

    The other thing I have been doing to get a lil higher off of the low potency shatter is to crush it all up and mix up a bunch of different kinds into this one unique blend of shatter that will probably never be replicated... I even tell myself this high might be shit, but I will not be able to exactly duplicate it ever again and that is exciting.
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  8. After the first hit I go "I think I could get moderately high off this".
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  9. All of a sudden I feel like I just woke up, then yea its gonna be a good night:love-m3j:
  10. Being mildly high
  11. I guess it’s when I don’t understand the question :love-mj:
  12. I usually feel the high in my eyes first. They start feeling a little heavy.
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  13. I just know when I'm packing a bowl of some good weed that I'll get ripped off of it, with various levels depending on the THC%. Once I take that first hit I either have one of two feelings: Either like a wave of calmness washes over my body, or I'll feel really stoned in my head, depending on the type of strain, and I know it's about to hit.
  14. If I'm getting mildly ripped I'll slowly start noticing that things look different and I'll start feeling it in my head. If I'm about to get fucked up hard I'll also get a big goofy smile on my face too.
  15. I know this is a somewhat old thread, but I wanted to clarify something : For me, when I consume an edible or a tincture, it can take as little as 20 minutes to 4 hours to take effect. Also, even when I'm vaping ground bud, it can take 5 or even 20 minutes for me to get high. During the first part of the waiting period after I've used MJ, I can usually notice small changes in my consciousness that will gauge how baked I'm going to get. This helps me "prepare myself" so that I don't start to freak out, although when I've had more THC than I can tolerate, I usually freak out anyway :)

    I guess most people experience the effects within a minute or two, but, for me, it takes longer. I'm sorry if that was a source of confusion.
  16. Start feeling wonderful like im floating through the clouds, My eyes got more closed, Start laughing at silly tings a lot more easily. Lol those the 3 main ones for me.

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  17. The majority of cannabis smokers IMO have a poor ability to describe its mental and physical effects. A common statement heard is that it affects everyone differently blah blah blah. Well what is actually true is that people given similar tolerance levels and THC consumed, can't describe the identical experience the same way.
    First one ought separate experiences of regular everyday "mellow" smokers and those that have not smoked for several days or longer. The majority on this board are obviously hard core daily smokers and what their initial upon a smoking session experience is while in some ways similar to that of someone that has been straight for a full week, is going to be more about the visceral body buzz and not about the increased sensitivity of senses.

    What THC does is bind to TB1 receptors that results in an increase of specific neurotransmitter levels with synaptic gaps between axon and dendrite nerve cells. That results in an increase in the intensity of sensual awareness as though the dimension of sensations have greater granularity. That does not mean say sound is perceived as louder. Rather one is aware of a finer range of sound textures and levels within whatever loudness a sound makes. Or for those with less than perfect eyesight, like putting on a pair of prescription glasses and being surprised suddenly noticing how much more clear all is. Other hallucinogens likewise cause effects on neurotransmitter levels that flood synapses causing an increase in ability to feel.

    So how do I feel? Well I feel like my consciousness has expanded as they say with all my feelings and awareness greater. If I after not smoking a week was driving a compact sedan then stopped and smoked a joint road side, after I got back in and began driving the effect would be as though I now needed to cope with driving a large bus. As I get higher and higher, that joint at arms length begins to have a visual sense of being a long ways off instead of just 15 inches. I feel my whole body skin touch, positional, heat sense cells as larger as though instead of 66" I now have body size feelings like that of a giant. Oh what fun!
  18. When I laugh like there's no tomorrow and I start motor-mouthing....
  19. I start feeling hungry. My appetite is almost non-existent when I’m not high.
  20. I notice I'm awake. Then I notice I have weed. If I notice I dont have enough to get totally fucked up I realize I'm only going to get mildly high.

    Typically if I dont feel a warm sensation on the back of my head within a couple minutes starting to spread I know it's some rather weak grade grass.

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