What are the Different stages of growin??

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  1. Ok guys, this is my first post and yes, im a noob. This is my first grow and im taking it pretty sereously, so im trying to get everything figured out right in my head, haha. if that makes sense. But what are the different stages to growing?? Like veg?? and where does it fit in?? Im growin outdoors, 2 purp haze, 3 blue widow, 2 super skunk and a dinefem. Any help would be appriciated.
  2. theres pretty much just veg and flowering, you can kinda count seedling as a stage of its own too, but thats obviously first, with veg second, consider veg the growing stage, and then flower is more of the bud producing stage but the plant will still grow also(usually 2x or 3x height)

    i'd read up alot in the outdoor forums, i think one of the biggest things is when you plant based on your location to get it the right amount of light but i only know about indoor growing really so i couldn't say
  3. Cool, thanks so much, Now i get it, ive been doing alot of reading and i was thinking that veg was a special process or something, but i fully get it now, thanks bro
  4. you got seedling, which i consider until about the 4th node, then you got veg, once there is established fan leaves, but no sex shown, basically this is when the plant is gettin ready to make it's flower... then you got flower.. during this time the plant is only concentrating on making it's flower (the part you want :) ) during flower they'll usually double in size like the poster above me said.. basically, you want as big as you can get, before flower time... BASED ON YOUR NEEDS.... if you got a 4 foot tall grow area, you dont want more than say, a foot tall before you flower, becaue it is gonna double in size probably... but if your outdoors and not worried about size, let that bastard veg, let it veg to seven feet, and supercrop/fimm/top, for more colas..
  5. let me also add, if you got the nutes/lights/soil to support it, supercrop/top/fimm no watter what.. the more colas you got, the more bud your gonna yield... but, make sure you got your shit in check, so the plant can support it, see what im saying?

    you grow to your needs... the plant will do what you want it to, if you let it :)
  6. Thank u, Now from what im getting at, You use different nutes between veging and flowering?? im using a organic soil so all i need to worry bout now are the nutes at this point is what im thinking, all the seeds are femenized so i shouldnt have to worry bout that, soon as i get the ball rolling ill post up some pics, thanks guys.
  7. there are different nutes for veg and for flower, you'll get the biggest boost from them when they're like that, but some nutes can be used for both veg and flower, you'll mainly see N(nitrogen)-P(phosphorus) -K(potassium) ratios listed, you tend to want more nitrogen in the veg stage and more phosphorus and potassium in the flowering stage

    one thing to remember is that the numbers you see, like 20-20-20, or 5-10-5, are percentages not amounts, so a nute that has 10-5-5(which would be more for veg due to the higher nitrogen) is essentially the same as a nute that has 2-1-1 in that it has twice as much nitrogen as it has phosphorus or potassium

    theres plenty of soil growers on here who can point you in the direction of some of the easier to use brands, fox farm seems to be fairly common with pretty good results for most people but i grow hydro so i can't comment on that
  8. thank u, its slowly staring to make sense, haha
  9. Germination-->Vegetating-->Flowering-->Harvest:smoking:
  10. Veg and flower. "Seedling" isn't a separate stage, it's just the beginning of veg...
  11. A coconut takes a full year to develop from a flower into a ripe nut.My intention is to buy some seeds that is good for a beginner but smokes like a vet and was thinking of investing in a hydro system.

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