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What are the dankest hybrid strains

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Th.king.420, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Just wondering what I should add to my "to do" list

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  2. Considering most new strains are hybrids, youre asking for potent genetics? GSC, Gorilla Glue, Durban poison.
  3. There's different ways to measure dankness. Every year, High Times lists the strongest strains on Earth, and in a different issue, lists the tastiest strains on earth.

    And separately, you can take bag seed from the nastiest shwag weed on earth, grow it, cure it, and come out with something really dank. Dank just means it smokes smooth and nice, and has a pleasant smell. It doesn't even mean it has any THC at all. Some medical patients grow high CBD, very low THC strains, and they'll be more than happy to say it's really dank.. but it won't get you high.
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  4. Gg #4 is a unique hybrid, I love it! Usually very sticky and super potent.
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  5. It really depends on how the strain was grown, but gorilla glue #4 has stood out to me in the past year.
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  6. Check out some Bodhi strains. Lots of awesome inspiration to check out on riu and breedbay. He is pretty well known for his hybrids. He likes to cross well known and verified cuts with his in house creations. Super cool guy as well. If you can figure out how to, you can also test his newest creations before he markets them but only if your willing to give him your feedback. Good luck on your choices!
  7. Definitely Black Gum, LSD, Biesel
  8. Anyone who has had legit OG kush will tell you there is nothing else quite like it in the weed world. For me and many people I know, it is a special strain and just puts you in a special type of place. There's just nothing to compare it to in my opinion. Unfortunately its so rare for me in my area I can only dream about the past and maybe coming across it again one day.
  9. Romulan isn't a Hybrid but it's super dank & it's an Indica with a Sativa feel. So good.

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