what are the best ways to get stronger?

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  1. how do other people get exercise and gain muscle? I never work out and my diet is shit. I have a fast metabolism that keeps me nice and thin but I need to get buff and fast as fuck for the police academy (I have enough time cause I'm going to regular college first). recently I've been playing tennis which seems to be good exercise, and it makes me feel really energized. as a slow and horrendously out of shape person, running back and forth to get the balls feels like a good way to start before taking full length jogs/runs.

    I also tried a shake weight the other day lol. it was the "shake weight for men" so it was a little heavy for me, but it really worked my arm muscles. they're even a little sore today. I definitely want to buy my own, probably the original one though. lol @ how sexual it can look

    so what do you guys suggest I do to get more muscular and fast? it is my purpose in life to be both an aspca officer and a cop at some point and I don't want anything to get in my way. I am already so lucky that my criminal record is sealed and I had youthful offender status. it would literally be devastating to not be able to be a cop because I wasn't physically capable of it. I need to be fast and buff so I can get degenerates off the streets and behind bars where they belong. also, I don't want to embarrass myself by going to the police academy and looking like a total weakling :p
  2. haha yeah shake weights are pretty sexual. You should be doing compound movements with a barbell. these are the squat, deadlift, bench press, and shoulder press. These are the most efficient way to get strong fast. You should def have someone such as a trainer teach you how to do them properly. Also you can throw in some cardio such as running, im sure youll have to do that in the academy.
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    are u female? I got strong doing sports, like surfing, skimboarding and tennis. I dont have a regular tennis partner or a beach, so now i just workout at the gym and pool.

    what kind of tennis are you playing? Try to play with someone a lot better than you, otherwise it would only be considered light exercise.

    If you are a outta shape, you should get better at doing simple calisthenics. Squats, lunges, pushups, pullups, holding plank, etc.
    If u have the resources, you should get a trainer to show you how to strength train at the gym.

    Swimming is another great way to tone and get strong. Or Try a kickboxing class.

    To get fit, the quality of your exercise is just as important as quantity. Engaging in the correct form or technique is very important to see results. Think of your muscles as machines, run them at full capacity as HARD as you can. And then you'll get stronger.
  4. Google 'starting strength'.

    Do it.
  5. Definitely agree with this. Last semester I incorporated some of the starting strength principles into a weight routine and saw impressive gains over a 3 month bulk period. The most important thing about it is consistency. Eating healthy for a week and the caving into doritos and couch sitting wont get you there. Better to start slow and stay consistent.

    A perhaps more important point (off topic I know) but why do you want to be a cop?:eek:
  6. yeah I'm female. and I didn't know there were different kinds of tennis lol. I just play with my boyfriend but we don't have a net. he's definitely a little better than me. the balls usually end up going off to the side and sometimes pretty high so I end up doing a lot of running around and jumping to try and get them. I can't wait until the pool opens so me and my boyfriend can play tennis for mad long and then go walk up the stairs to go swimming.

    and yeah I don't think I can afford a gym membership lol. but my uncle is a personal trainer.
  7. ughh the healthy diet is the hardest part for me. :'( I'm used to always being skinny and being able to eat whatever I want. surely I don't have to stop eating all snack/junk food entirely. but I do need to make sure I get all the nutrition I need. in reality my diet isn't really THAT bad. I eat vegetables and meat, but not enough fruit. I've even been drinking less soda lately which is very important.

    and I want to be a cop because I'm tired of seeing scumbags hurting people and stealing and shit. "people" like that need to get the fuck out of society and there need to be more decent, genuine, passionate people like me out there putting them behind bars where they belong. one more person like me there = one less spot for some corrupt retard. hopefully by the time I'm employed somewhere as a cop marijuana will have been legalized.:smoke: or maybe I can move to a state where it's legal medically and get a card.
  8. Weight lifting is wack. It'll only strengthen certain parts, mostly for looks.

    Look at mma fighters, they do a lot of core exercise.

    Go find a steep trail and run.
  9. [quote name='"MaxAmmo"']Weight lifting is wack. It'll only strengthen certain parts, mostly for looks.

    Look at mma fighters, they do a lot of core exercise.

    Go find a steep trail and run.[/quote]

    This right here lol

    If weight lifting was ideal our soldiers would be in the weight rooms instead of running. They do sit ups, pull ups and push ups too obviously.
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    I prefer bodyweight exercises/plyometrics over any other type of exercise. Sprints, push ups, bodyweight squats, crunches, leg raises, etc... Any type of movement that requires effort with your body weight is good.

    The best part about avoiding weight lifting is that you don't have to worry about huge imbalances. It's hard to have a bad bicep to tricep ratio when you've gained your upper arm muscle from movements like chin ups... It's not very hard to do when you just curl dumbbells all the time.

    That being said a person who knows what they're doing can benefit greatly from implementing weight lifting into their fitness.

    Most important to me though... Practicality. Being able to do basic movements with heavy weights doesn't really benefit me. Being able to throw my own body weight around is far more important to me than being able to move heavy weights for essentially no reason other than being able to move heavy weights.
  11. Uh, I live in California and have my medical card. Employers don't care if you have a card. Its still illegal federally and they will still pee test (especially police). Lol!
  12. fffffuuuuu
  13. I'm glad to hear you want to pursue law enforcement for good reasons. I hope you can maintain that integrity once youre in uniform :p

    and yeah, about the card, most employers and DEFINITELY law enforcement will not recognize the MMJ recommendation. I'm in Cali and I have it, trust me, an employer who drug tests will not be moved by a recommendation.
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    I didn't read the whole OP, but u said ur thin n u have a shit diet.

    How tall r u, what do u weigh?

    Get a sick ass diet, no fast food ever.

    Breakfast eat, 4 turkey slices with crackers, yogurt, apple n milk.

    Lunch, tuna sandwich, or just tuna mixed with lemon juice crackers n avacado. Water lots of water. Banana.

    Dinner, more salad, turkey, crackers, cottage cheese peaches.

    Work out twice a day. Morning/ night 15-20 mins each workout.

    Body weight excersises. Push ups, pull ups, squats, sit ups, curls, shoulder flys. Leg lifts.
    All these done at home. As u get stronger u can make variations to make it harder.

    Dude Ull be buff in no time, ull have 0 fat, ur six pac will be sick, muscle tone will be nice. Ull still be skinny, but ripped. What the girls like. ;)

    Edit: ur a chick. I don't no what chicks should do. Just run n squat n diet. Running helps mid section, squats get u nice tight legs, diet makes u look good n radiant. No snacks, no junk food. Ur body is a temple, be good to it. Ur tasts buds need to be shut off. Ull feel much better
  15. I'm 5'1 and a little over 100 pounds :( and lol I can not eat turkey, tuna and cottage cheese and peaches. nasty, I'd rather die.

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