what are the best seeds to buy and why?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by low420, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. ok guys im a beginner so ofcourse i want the best lol. im looking to buy some purple seeds and start but i want to know what the comunity thinks is the best seed outthere to buy. if you can post a link to where ide appreciate it alot. thanks
  2. shaman is a purple strain that looks :yummy:
    i ordered them but my mum found out and threw them out/cancelled the order (i never did find out what one it was.. :()
  3. thanks any one else want to help?
  4. I don't think there is any such thing as "the best seeds to buy." Depends on too many factors, including your own subjective judgment. A strain that will do well in certain grow conditions could do poorly in other conditions. What if one plant has the biggest yield and most potent high but is very hard to grow -- could that be "the best" even if the net result is you kill it? What if I like a sativa high and you an indica high, how to resolve that? Oh, and of course, what if three different strains cost $30, $100, and $250 for a pack of beans -- at what point does the cost make one choice "better" than the other?

    Since you are posting in the beginner's section I suggest a strain that is hardy and relatively easy to grow rather than something overly exotic.
  5. cheap vigorous strains = mandala seeds
  6. I by my seeds from www.seedboutique.com and they've never let me down. Not to mention you normaly get a free pack of seeds to go along with your order. The strain I prefer to grow is Papaya from Nirvana Seed Company. Grows fast, matures early, good yield, and a killer stone. My boys and I smoke a lot and it still knocks us on our asses. Its not a purple strain but trust me, after you smoke it you won't care.
  7. ok thanks all for your info and i appreciate it alot.

    now my question is what place delivers seeds to the US?
  8. im pretty sure most of the companies will ship to the us
  9. All the Amsterdam seed companies will ship to the US. They are not breaking any Dutch laws by so doing.
  10. If I was you I would go with female seeds company there Grapefruit and Northern Lights is a very easy low odor high yielding indica cough lock strains the Grapefruit has C99 so it has sativa high to it and there so cheap you can get two of them and grow both them out P.S they also come in 4 packs go for it dude

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