what are the best nutrients to use during the flowering stage of growth?

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  1. What are the best nutrients that i could go get for the flowering stage?and how often should i water useing them? is there anything i can give my plants to help make the buds more dense? what nutrients can i use to increase yield and boost flowering??? also is there anything i can use to make the buds smell and taste like a certain flavor? and if so when should i use it ? any help with nuts. and the flowering stage would greatly be appreciated, thanks, peaceanlove
  2. Hi..

    You ask any ten growers and you will get ten different responses. Each of us is using our nute of choice because we think that it is the best one.

    Personally, I used a modified Lucas Formula (0-7-14) using GH Flora series. I then use the other plant enhancers (see General Hydroponics feeding schedules that are HERE ) at between .25 and .33 (I am still experimenting), including KoolBloom Liquid (first 4 weeks) and KoolBloom Powder (last 4+weeks). I also use GH FloraNectar, which is a lot like using molasses (very popular.. I personally don't use it... all of those poor little moles without asses ;)).

    As far as flavors are concerned, I don't do it... others do. Not sure if it is successful or not. Browse the Harvesting forum, I usually see plenty of threads that discuss it.

    And the best thing for fat, dense buds is light. For indoor growing, nothing beats a big freaking HPS hid light.

    There is lots of great information in the Growing forums.. check out the search function for getting additional information.

    Good Luck!
  3. Potassium and Phosphorus. Your plants don't care about brand names much.
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  4. thats like askin whats better chevy or a ford
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  5. i like the stuff that sold at the dollar store...:smoking:
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  6. I've started using Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice Bloom on my girl. Time will tell how she responds.
  7. fox farm big bloom
  8. thanks for all the info.....and i guess i was expecting that response since everyone always says THEY have the best stuff. ....annoying ehhhh. anyways thanks and i look foward to blowing u away with my pics . lol jk peaceanlove
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  9. what am i saying? im nt jkidding......i will be amazing you for a beginner at 22.
  10. Whether one is 22 or 48- now is the time to grow... I am curious what nutes are used more to keep my ph stable. I started with X Nutrients- but the ph drop is so severe - unlike any product I have ever used.
    The only advantage I have noticed is - (which may be significant where I live)... the odor is significantly diminished. While using GH, my plants reeked through out the whole flat by the end of vegging
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  11. Dyna gro has very stable ph
  12. Good to know- thank you TinTizzy
  13. I have Open Sesame, beastie bloomz, and cha ching, to go with my general hydroponic flora series, my question is if you only have about a month and a half to flower your plant, where do you find a time to add each of these extra supplements to your regular series of fertilizer, when the only water maybe once or twice a week, also in between flushings, anybody have any advice or maybe how they do it during the last stages of flowering, thank you very much, I am new at indoor gardening, have a tent, 300 watt LED light, 5 CFLs 250 watts each, in the tent, led 300 watt is currently flowering a revolver from crop King seeds, it is doing very well, just use regular soil from Home Depot, added some perlite and some clay rocks, and fertilize like it says on the instructions, and this plant is a month and a half old and has nice nugs on it already, hairs like crazy! I also have 1 and water, twc, 4 bubbles times roll in the water like rapids, which I think is only thing keeping it from getting root rot which I've found out they can get, I have been freezing some water in sandwich meat tubs and putting it in the water to keep it cool the been taking to some fertilize water out and freezing it and replacing it back down instead of just regular water, hard to keep the fertilizer stabilized like to slow, but the plant is doing good. one more question, does anybody know if I can cut that big nasty route that first came out in the beginning of the plant and the DWC, can I cut it off since all the new words have grown out, will the plant die, I'm pretty sure it might so I do not want to try it but I want to hear someone's advice, thanks for reading this long entry, thanks again
    I've been using soil and it seems like my lucks been better with the soil than in the water, because of the water warming problem!
  14. Maybe these quest will help answer some of the other questions ask on here also for the others!
  15. I've been using General Organics Go box, just the bigger bottles of all of them. It's my first time using nutrients this grow and I can see such a crazy difference so far
  16. Blue planet nutrients.

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