What are the best beginner strains and tips for a first-time organic grow?

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  1. Hey there I'm sure this question has been asked 100 times before but I'm wondering which strain would be best for beginners grown in organic super soil only!

    I also need tips on getting started growing organically, is there any way to make super soil which is ready to use straight away? Most of the recipes I've found say to compost it for at least 1-2 months before using but I really don't have the time, if anyone has any other tips for doing a first grow organically in soil they would be much appreciated!
    And thanks in advance for any replies
  2. By the way the set up I'm putting together so far consists of a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.1m Unit Farm grow tent and a Black Dog LED Phytomax-2 400
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  3. Are you wanting to grow indoor or outdoor?
  4. You are growing indoor so OG KUSH
  5. Do you know of any particular OG phenotype which is still good for beginners but won't get as tall as a standard OG?
    Noticed it can get really tall and I'm not really familiar with any plant training techniques yet
    Also thanks for the fast response ✌
  6. Lithium OG KUSH grows 3ft maximum into flower. its an easy strain to handle
  7. im not really into plant training techniques myself. i just let the tree grow like it supposed to. i give the tree support whenever it tips over from top weight. i water the plant, give it nutrients, and bam im done lol.
  8. White widow or northern lights
  9. check out no till revisted on this site for an easy organic recipe that you can plant into right aways. If you havent started your seeds yet. You can start them off in some fox farms seed started into fox farms happy frog or ocean forest while you sort you soil.

    You can plant right into no till but its best to let it sit a couple weeks. just gets the microbes going and fungus. Also you can watch it for bug before you plant into.
  10. Thanks guys @GOLD46, @CBDBurner, definitely have a lot more options to look through now, I'm also after an easy high-CBD strain if either of you know of one?

    Also that sounds great @frankslan thanks for the info! A couple of weeks works a lot better for me, I can't get started for about 2-3 weeks anyway when my light gets here from the US

    I'm not sure if I can get Fox Farm soil for seedlings in Australia, I'll have a look around though ✌
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  11. well it takes a while to source all the input but if you need help contact me I can point you in the right direction and help you. You need to get seed started start in solo cups then into 1 gal of organic soil such as fox farm ocean forest or happy frog. while you sort your soil.
    The seed starter is called light warrior.

    send me an pm If your in australia your going to need coco instead of peat as its really expensive by you.
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    Well send me a pm I can point you in the right direction for organics.

    Any basic seed starter is fine. Then into a basic organic soil while you make your no till soil or into the no till but we have to figure out what you have access to.

    you can start right into no till but some say it's a bit strong for seeds still havent tried it. Ive transplanted right into no till twice now but the plants were coming out solo cups. clones are fine but seeds may be a little to hot. It will be easier to start in a basic organic seedling mix while you figure your soil out.
  13. fuck did you already order the light? can you cancel it?

    you need to pm me Ill help you out.

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