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What are the average prices by you?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kushman2020, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. Im in upstate new york and a gram around here costs 20 bucks. ive heard stories of people getting a quarter ounce of mids for only 40, but never in my area
  2. i get a quarter of mids for 40 (usually 35) in central arkansas.
    an 8th is about 20.
    anything better than mids is usually like 20-30 a gram.
  3. here on long island the prices are like this...


    $10 = 1.5 grams
    $20 = 2.5 - 3.0 grams
    Half O = $35 (my hook up)
    Ounce = $50 (my hook up)


    $10 = .9 grams
    $20 = 1.2 grams
    Half O = $60
    Ounce = $100 - $120


    $10 = .6 - .7 grams
    $20 = 1 gram
    Half O = $200-$245
    Ounce = $340 - $360
  4. that doesn't make mathematical sense.
  5. #5 tokiemonster, Nov 28, 2008
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2008
    Thats just what i get it for. the one guy i get the Half O's and O's from is different from the person i get $10 and $20 bags.. One of them sells weight the other just sells bags
  6. so you pay an extra $10 for .3 of a gram?

    im on A$20 per gram on a sliding scale
  7. that's weird as hell then.
  8. yeh preety much,, it depends on who i buy from those are just average prices on LonGisland
  9. [ounce prices]

    mids = 100 - 150
    beast = 250 - 300
    heads = 350 - 450

    note to tokiemonster: don't buy any of those $20 bags at any grade you posted. you'd come out on top buying two (2) $10 sacks. whoever set those prices is an imbecile.
  10. Yeh, well the dude i get those from is really stingy... sad but true / :
  11. and 3.6 grams is the same price as a half ounce.

    get a new dealer bro, one that got past the 4th grade
  12. if you read my other posts thats from one dealer, i have many lol, one sells only weight one sells only bags, and also thats the usual prices on Long Island.. .
  13. Boulder, CO prices:

    Bowl- 5
    Gram- 15
    Eigth- 50
    Quarter O- 100
    Half O- 150-165
    O- 300-340

    I don't know how schwag or mids is priced, because that shit just isn't availible in Boulder.:cool:
  14. my weight prices always change. i got some beasters at a 1/4 o for 80 bucks, but this week its 110 for some reason. makes no sense. im trying to find a new guy with better consistent prices
  15. 120 for 1/4 pretty good stuff...better than beasters...jersey rip off
  16. I buy the dank of the week at $50 an 1/8th. Sometime I get lucky with $40 though, but not often enough.

  17. your getting ripped bro, where in upstate NY are you living? cause depending i can get you some beasters for 10 a g
  18. im in MN, Twin cities.

    All i smoke is dank, High quality bud so that's all i have prices for. Most of it is name brand bud, white rhino, bubble gum, super silver haze, orange county kush. just to name a few of the newest.

    Half 8th= $25-30. 1.7 grams
    8th = $50-60 3.4 grams. (quality depending)
    1/4=$100-140. 6.8-7.0 grams. ( Quality Depending
    Half Zip = $180- 240. 13.8 - 14.0 ( Quality depending)
    Zip = $360-500. 28 grams. (quality depending
  19. I'm from southwest Mississauga, just outside Toronto.
    1g = 10 $
    2.0 - 2.5 = 20 $
    Half Quad = 25$ (mids), or 30$ (dank)
    Quarter = anywhere from 45-55, depending on quality
    1/2 = 70-85 $
    O = 140 for low-mids, 200 for reasonably bomb shit. (as a rule i never will pay more than 10/g or 280/O. That having been said, i have never paid more than 200 for an ounce)

    Bud around here is typically pretty bomb. If dank bud has been coming in for a decent period of time, prices will lower to the cheaper end of the spectrum for even the bombest herb.

    (sucks because i go to school elsewhere, and the bud there, though cheap, is just never as good as it is at home.)
  20. 350 for an oz of dank or headies.

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