what are the advantages of usign a bubble bucket

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  1. ?????? im gona be growing like 6 plants indoor in storage containers..
  2. Its like Hydroponics...Best way for root development and healthy full budded plant. Focuses on perfectly extending roots for your plant to grow.
  3. i like the idea that each plant has its own nuts and ferts. you have more control.
  4. ill tell ya im new to this whole growing thing.. i got my licence about 3 months ago and said why not... did soil at first and thats going good... my buddy built a BB from Rumples info and he talked me into it... and its really easy! just keep the pH in check and mix nutes right and your golden! make sure you put the drain and fill ports as well as a pH check valve...just to make it easier.. i just did my first nute change and it was a sinch.. roots grow like 1.5" per day!!!
  5. Bubble buckets are awesome! I learned from Rumple and Lucas.
    The plants grow very fast in there and very full.
    They can also get very big in there very fast being as they have 5 gallons of free root space.
    Really cool and cheap way to experiment with growing plants. They can clone and revive sick plants or plants you pulled from soil too if you are careful!
  6. In my opinion, the main advantage would be NEVER HAVING TO BUY SOIL AGAIN. FFOF is $20/ bag here and that gets expencive. Over time, any hydro setup is way cheaper. A little more money at first though.

  7. you can use those lids either way works i kinda like being able to lift the net pot only if needed so the whole lid doesnt have to come off...its a bitch to take off..

    a 3.5 gal will work...i was thinking of doing the same thing but my bubby had to add more water a lil more often then with with 5 gal...once the plants root real good they like to drink lol..

    i like the hydroton cause it doesnt absorb water.. so when you drain some nutes from the bucket to test ph you can just pour it right back thru the hydroton...not sure about the sure to grow
  8. Thanks greenthumb! I liked the idea of the sure to grow inserts because it didn't need much prepping at all for a seedling.
  9. What would you say a full grow cycle would cost in BB? 3 five gal buckets? I am about to start my 2nd grow in BB, 1st was in soil with Happy frog to start and OF when transplanted. I just looked at a site for nutes, I want to go with Lucas Method GH Flora Micro 1 gal 36.00, 2.5 gal 83.00, 6 gal 165.00 and Flora Bloom 1 gal. 30.00, 2.5 gal 67.00, 6 gal 135.00. Which size will get me through flowering?
  10. I use them, and the only drawback with the aero lids is that you are limited when going from clone to bucket. With the 6" net pots/cutout, you can have your clones in a tote with 2-4 net pots, and transfer them into the buckets with ease. With the aero lids, they need to develop a significant root system in buckets, which can take up more space.

    If you're prepping clones to replace your flowering plants, its nice to have a more condensed area to allow them to grow roots.

    Those are what I use with my aero lids in my veg room, because I have height restrictions.:D

    I haven't used it yet, but will try it next BB grow.....(I'm doing an organic grow in soil currently)
  11. Let me make sure I have this correct. I can get a big enough tote, cut 6 holes for 3' or 6' net pots, then use sure to grow foam inserts - place the "stems/branch" (soon to be clones) in the foam extending to the water line, then wait for it to begin growing again as a clone...?

    Am I missing something? I thought there was a cloning gel I was supposed to use but this sure to grow foam appears to handle cloning.
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    No, you should build an aero cloner to get your cuttings to root, then transplant into the 6" pots. Keep these in the tote until you first see roots dangling out the bottom of the net pot and THEN you can transfer the 6" pots to the buckets, where they will reside until harvest.

    If you haven't seen it already, Rumpleforeskin has a good DIY cloner tutorial with all the help you'll need to effectively root your cuttings.

  13. Weird these guys say different. They say make sure the cutting is touching the water through the foam, no need for an areo cloner to get the cutting to root.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yy5kJwdMv8]YouTube - Homemade hydroponics - How to make a deep water culture (DWC) system[/ame]

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