What are some websites you visit on a daily basis?

Discussion in 'General' started by 420dave, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. Name some sites you go to every day and post links too. Does anyone else get bored of the internet really easily?
  2. this one...
  3. And poster of the week goes to......eome !!! :)

    Peace Brother :)
  4. Here and Ive been working on a website. Ill prob post it up when im done. =)

  5. You want me to list all the porn sites I go to it will take a couple pages. lol
  6. 1 HERE!!! :wave:

    2 TwistedHumor.com, then HERE!!! :smoke:

    3 Evilchurch.com, then HERE!!! :smoking:

    4 Iwon, games, then HERE!!! :hippie:

    5 Wherever my "SurfBoard" lands, then HERE!!! :hello:
  7. this place of course :)
    also ebay (confessed addict, but not a compulsive buyer)
    hotmail to check my mail
    that's IT on a daily basis. everything else is whenever I think of it.
  8. Grasscity.com
  9. DaWoden this might sound stupid but what is pimpwar.com is it a game that has a forum or is it just a site i dont get it
  10. grasscity.com
    ifilm.com...funny videos
  11. How the fuck did I end up in a thread nearly 10 years old!?
    and it's crazy how facebook and youtube weren't made yet !!
  12. ^haha yeah i didnt realise it was so old, i was like wtf no facebook or youtube, what is this shit?

    i spend most of my time on grasscity, or reading through Granny's links, a bit of facebook, bit of /b/ and thats bout it really :bongin:
  13. Grasscity,facebook,youtube,the chive,longestlist.com,and sometimes stumbleupon

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