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What are some things you like to do to make sure smoking doesnt become boring or routine?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Token91, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. I know the obvious asshole answer. (Smoke better weed)... But what are some things you and/or friends do to keep enjoying the plant.

    Get high, rule the world
  2. Smoke in the morninftm

    Bird + Weed + Papers = Good time
  3. i always keep myself occupied. reading, video games, hiking (or a walk in general), cleaning, sleeping, etc.
  4. Read sumthin good, grub, hike, stomp haters, insight a riot, Mayham, arson, Grand larceny, casual assault on a peace officer for a start if I get to drinking who knows?!?...
  5. smoke with new people and smoke in different spots (woods, mountains, fields, etc) changing it up all the time ensures an interesting, enjoyable session!
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    image.jpg is this you Bro?!
    You a Brony bro?
    How did you find my myspace default?
  8. Hahahah it's the first picture that comes up in Google images if you do a search for my little pony computer
  9. Every few years I have someone beat me senseless until I develop amnesia. Each time my life gets to this point and I remember who I am I do it again, fairwell GC I'll see you in another life.
  10. never smoke just for the sake of getting high? I never get bored of smoking, if I do it to accent whatever I am doing rather than to achieve the goal of getting stoned, I am never bored...walking in the woods, watching my favorite tv shows, playing video games (especially online... I <3 CoD ), or designing shit in my preferred case
  11. Sometimes I smoke facing to the left and sometimes I smoke facing to the right. Sometimes I smoke early in the morning and sometimes I smoke very late at night. Sometimes I smoke when listening to the radio and sometimes I smoke while watching the TV. Sometimes I smoke while riding my bicycle and sometimes I smoke while watching Pokémon and cheering on Eevee. Sometimes I smoke while sitting on the floor and sometimes I smoke while sitting in my car. But most times I smoke when in my house and my stash isn't very far.
  12. Switching up how I smoke. Joints or pipes or bongs. Though being high is so normal it's less enjoyable Than it use to be regardless of how I smoke. Edibles are something I havnt tried much of so maybe I'll do that
  13. Doesn't become ..... What? Finish your sentence.
  14. Going out and doing stuff in public.
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    Your recreational activities just progressively become more terrifying. Lol

  16. Says become boring or routine when I look at it bud

    Get high, rule the world
  17. That's exactly why I smoke now. I just see people say they get tired of it or that it becomes apart of their daily routine... Just didn't want it to get to that

    Get high, rule the world
  18. Ah ok. I'm on the mobile app and it just cuts off right there.

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